When we review a service, we look for certain things that indicate the quality of a paper writing site. That includes the quality of the work, the prices, available support and privacy protection. Britishassignmentwriters falls in the average range for these things and is potentially a viable choice for basic work needed by students in the UK.

While the policies are listed on the website, they are provided on a number of pages so navigation to the right one is necessary, rather than finding everything in one place. That may mean some surprises when an order is made or a problem is encountered.

We got a pretty decent paper from Britishassignmentwriters. Support was available when needed and the writer was clearly a professional. The quality was good enough for the assignment butin our opinion, below average for a more technical or in-depth project. There’s no mention of any discounts on the site, though the prices are lower than many other sites. For the average assignment, this site is a decent option but not so for complex or technical subjects.


Students have the option of a variety of services offered byBritishassignmentwriters. The basic essay is a given, but there are several other paper types that can meet the needs of students at all academic levels. That includes:

  • Assignments
  • Coursework
  • Dissertation services

The online chat service is helpful for students who have questions or concerns regarding their order. However, the site has a pop-up advertisement that comes up every time someone navigates to a new page, which is irritating and repetitive.


When compared to other essay writing services, BritishassignmentwWriters offers competitive prices that are lower than some of the other services out there. There are three quality levels: 2:1 standard, 2:2 standard and first class. Basic assignments usually turn out fine with the lowest level, but technical and advanced subjects likely need a writer from a higher level.

As the site is aimed at UK students, prices are only quoted in sterling. In addition to the level chosen, the length of the paper and deadline also factor in to the final cost. A paper with of six days ranges in price from £17.99 to £18.99. Choosing a deadline of 24 hours costs between £17.99 and £27.99. There is a price that’s affordable for just about any student.

Essentially, this is a no frills, decent price service.


Looking around the site, there aren’t very many discounts available. The page pop up advertises a 30% discount for ordering before the end of the month. This discount changes and may not always be so high.

There may be additional discounts or special offers, but there doesn’t appear to be a standard discount for repeat customers, new customers or placing a multiple order at one time. However, the relatively low price of the services makes the still appealing to students who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their paper.

Helpful Extras

BritishassignmentwWriting doesn’t offer as many extras as the competition. They are reliable and offer revisions on ordered work. You can also count on custom work and on time delivery, but there isn’t much else to add.

For students who want a basic paper written in a few days, this site delivers. For students who need more help and want all the bells and whistles, looking elsewhere is probably a good idea.