Review review was established back in 2010. Still, even though they have been on the market for 7 years, there is very little feedback to be found. Knowing this, we decided to check the company ourselves and see what they offer.
The official website of is trendy and unique, offering many advantages to students of all ages. Ordering from the service was easy. However, we received our paper an hour before the final deadline, which was very frustrating. Students may feel insecure with a company that delays the delivery until the last minute.

Our paper was of average quality. It was well-formatted, contained no plagiarism or mistakes, but the writing style was a bit lower than it should be for Master academic level. Still, it contained factual, reliable sources that were properly cited.


When you open the homepage, you will see that the company lists ‘essays, research papers or dissertations’ as their services. And since there is no Services page, many students probably leave the website without knowing that they offer many other assignments.

If you check the pricing or ordering page, you will find that the company actually has a vast offer of academic papers, including even more specific assignments such as PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, non-word assignments and speeches.
This makes for an exhaustive list of academic papers, which is a quality every good content provider must possess.


Even though Essay Hero offers a grand range of services, they charge outrageously high prices! In the case where the paper is of excellent quality, these prices would still be too high for a student’s budget. And since the paper we got was of average quality, it was definitely not worth its quote.

Prices at start at $20.22 per page for an essay within the longest deadline and lowest academic level. The same paper costs $21.01 per page for Degree and $30.34 per page for Masters, while the most expensive price at the company is $114 per page.
These are the highest prices we have seen on the writing market.


If you use the company’s promo code, you can enjoy their first-order discount of 15%. This is not a very high discount when compared to those of other services, but is considered solid.
However, even though the existence of this discount reduces the originally steep price significantly, still remains to be an expensive service.
When looking for other discounts and loyalty programs, we found none on the website. This was the tricky part – we contacted the customer service about it, and we found out that not only they don’t have a loyalty program or bulk discounts, but the first-time discount is actually time-limited!

The customer service agent was very effective and prompt in answering our questions, but once she gave us this information, we were very disappointed. She said ‘Use the promo discount of 15%. Our company runs promo offers in rare occasions. If we have a promo, we send you an e-mail with the promo code.’
The mention of ‘rare occasions’ means that you cannot really expect to get a discount from this company as their regular customer.

Helpful Extras

The company offers extra features for an additional fee. For example, SMS updates would cost £3.99, while the Top writer extra will cost £6.09. These fees are same for any type of paper and any deadline.
Overall, is not a service we would rate highly. They do have an extensive list of services and some affordable extra features, but the pricing is too steep for a student’s budget. And most importantly, the paper we got was not of such high quality as the company promised.