Review Review

Quality, privacy protection, guarantees and support are the main things we look for when we review an assignment writing website. Trueassignmenthelp is one of the better ones out there. The site is easy to read, comprehensive and visually appealing. It’s easy to see why more than 1,300 students are satisfied with the site.

One of the things we like aboutTrueassignmenthelp is that the site gives students all the information they need before making an order. The terms and conditions are easy to find and simple enough to understand. The site also does a good job of outlining the steps to ordering an assignment and makes it easy to do so.

The quality of the paper we ordered was better than average, but could still use a bit of work. It was delivered on time and it was obvious that the writer was educated and a native English speaker. We would have liked a bit more creativity and in-depth research. Overall, we were happy with the assignment.


We ordered a basic essay from Trueassignmenthelpand they did a comparable job to other sites out there. However, the site also has professional writers that are able to complete a wide range of other projects to help students succeed in college. That includes the following:

  • Lab reports
  • Personal statements
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Coursework
  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Dissertation services
  • Admission essays
  • Thesis services
  • Speeches
  • Articles

Writers for the site are able to deliver projects on a wide range of topics and each assignment is original and guaranteed. They can also do proofreading and editing so that students can turn in the perfect paper every time.


The convenient pricing option in the menu is one of the perks of using this site. It’s easy to find a price quote for any assignment. There are three levels: basic, premium and platinum. The level chosen plays a role in the overall cost, combined with the length of the paper and the deadline. That means that the sooner you order, the lower your cost will be.

A basic assignment with a deadline of 10 days ranges in price from £10.95 to £14.95. Increasing the urgency to 24 hours bumps the price up to £16.95 to £23.95. These costs are reasonably affordable when compared to other sites. All prices are per page.


Unlike other paper writing sites, this one does not offer promotions on its home page. This is a clear disadvantage as students are always looking for ways to save money. Many other sites offer repeat customer discounts and often offer a promotion for first time buyers. Trueassignmenthelp does not appear to do this.

The site offers competitive prices that are relatively affordable so that helps counteract the lack of discounts. However, the site may offer occasional deals that a student can take advantage of. This can be found out by contacting a member of the support team.

Helpful Extras

One thing this site does pretty well is offer extras to entice students into ordering from them. This includes a plagiarism check on each assignment, comprehensive research, a money back guarantee, unlimited revisions, custom formatting and referencing.

In addition, the site offers several samples that allow students to assess the quality and style of the writing available. The live chat features make it easy to get quick answers to questions or concerns throughout the ordering process. Overall, this site is a good choice and is sure to please a large number of students in a range of disciplines.