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*Update 2022: Since we’ve last opened the website, AllAssignmentHelp has changed their discount offers rather drastically. They have a strange system now, one that offers 30% off to newcomers and a cashback policy. You’ll get the first one, but the second part is tricky and, in our experience, a big scam. The company still hasn’t managed to improve its reputation for quality and remains far from high-rated companies.

According to our newest research AllAssignmentHelp has a really low rating comparing to the best assignment writing services. For example, AssignmentMasters, and CollegePaper are great choices for students who want to get help with their assignments.

FAQ about

  • Is AllAssignmentHelp trustworthy?

This company got some points from us about website design and prices, but since their quality is bad, this is definitely not a trustworthy service. They delay papers, use plagiarism, and don’t check their writers properly, which results in many bad comments and an irreparable reputation.

  • Is AllAssignmentHelp legit?

AllAssignmentHelp is not legit. It’s legal to order there, but it’s legal to order from all these services seeing how there’s no law against it. But, if you want quality and timely delivery, ordering on this website is very risky.

  • Is AllAssignmentHelp scam?

We would definitely place AllAssignmentHelp in this category. They are a scam because almost none of the promises on the website are real. They don’t charge more than they say, but they don’t work with great writers, nor do they guarantee quality.

Detailed Review

They allowed us to choose our own deadlines, but out of the five we ordered, we did receive one of them late. They asked us a question on it from the writer, and we didn’t get the message until the day after, so the process was delayed a little. It was a little annoying, but it was not a major catastrophe. We found their work to be passable, but we are unsure if we should encourage other students to use their service. It feels rather unpolished and a little unprofessional at times. We are not sure just how large the writing team really is.

Their low starting price is a little disingenuous since they promise prices as low as $9, and yet the cheapest price we could find was $12, which is why we feel they are not being as sincere on their homepage as they should be. They have their marketing right in some places but not others, and that alone sent out warning signals for us. Their work was passable but didn’t blow our socks off. Wait for a few of your friends to use this service before giving it a try yourself.

It has been quite some time since we made an All Assignment Help review and we think we should revisit their services and check whether they have improved or not. Our last experience with their service was not a happy one, and we really hope that they have upgraded their services and quality.


This writing company has a number of different essays and assignments that they are able to write. Most of the essays and assignments they write are fairly mainstream, which means they are the sorts of things you would find in a college or university. Here are a few of the services they happily boast that they perform.

  • Management Assignments – You can get help for every kind of management related assignment. They can help you with subjects like Project Management, Risk management, marketing, Business management, Marketing Help, and HRM assignments.
  • Law Assignments – Writing las related assignments can be tough at times. AllAssignmentHelp can make things easier with assignments on any topics of law.
  • Other Assignment Services – There are a lot of topic and subjects that cannot be compiled into a list, but they are a quite complicated topic, and students can heavily be benefitted. 
  • Finance/Accounting Assignments – From Cost Accounting to Taxation, they have everything sorted out for you.
  • Programming Assignments – It one thing to code and completely another thing to write an assignment on them. Maybe you should consider seeking professional help in this regard.
  • Assignment Help UK – Special care for the leading universities of the UK.
  • Computers/IT Assignment – Just like the programming assignments, IT assignments are pretty difficult things to deal with. Well, now you know the solution.  


Whenever we are reviewing an academic writing service, we always consider the quality part of being the most important parameter. Yes, a company can have the widest service range or the cheapest pricing policy. But everything would go to a vein if the writing quality is poor.

We are trying to put it politely, but we are failing to do so as we think the quality of the assignments of AllAssignmentHelp is terrible! Why are we making such an acquisition?

Basically, we think their writing panel is very weak. We don’t think any Ph.D. degree holder can make such silly mistakes. Everything was a disaster – the writing quality, grammar, formatting, and even deadline. Yes, they are one of the cheapest option available in the market, but if they are providing such poor quality, we don’t think they can maintain goodwill among their potential customer base. 


If you try their quote system, it makes you give them your email address and so forth, but then just shows you their discount code and doesn’t give you a quote. If you want a quote, you need to click on the prices tab near the top of the screen. It takes you to a table where it says Report writing, Finance/Accounting, and Programming.

The prices for those sorts of things are:

  • The starting price for their report writing is $9/page and goes up to $21 if you want a 1-day deadline.
  • For Finance/Accounting the starting cost is $15 per page or per question and that goes up to around $60 per page/question.
  • For programming, the starting price is $20 per page or problem and they can go up to between $45 and $400 per page or per problem.


It’s hard to find some info about the constant discounts. But sometimes they propose a really good offer like a 40% discount and cashback if you buy assignment online from them; or fixed price for all assignments. But you can’t rely on such offers as when you may need an essay, there will be no discounts at that time. 

Helpful Extras

They allow you to use their TurnItIn plagiarism report so you can see if they have copied the essay from the Internet. They allow you to chat with their writers and they have a low starting price. You may also start a live chat on the web page with their customer service department.

We were not pleased with the pop-up chat function as it becomes annoying when you navigate over the other pages. We were pleased to see the pretty girl on the front page, especially since she was Caucasian, which is the group the writers claim they are trying to attract. To put other races on there would have been a little disingenuous. The team obviously try their best, but it may not be good enough for some students.

So, that was our fresh look and fresh AllAssignmentHelp review. We hope it was helpful for you guys. So far, they seem like a mediocre service who has to work a lot to improve their services and final output. 

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