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AssignmentsPlanet review
2.5 / 10 points is an online assignment help company that aims to assist students with academic work such as essays, thesis papers, and more.

At first glance, they seem like a respectable website with a decent design. They offer various services and seem genuinely concerned with students’ success.

In this AssignmentsPlanet review, we’ll see if the site is trustworthy and high-quality.


If you scroll down, the front page presents a series of information, including services. They claim to provide four main options:

  1. Assignment writing;
  2. Essay writing help;
  3. Dissertation writing;
  4. Coursework writing.

Then, they start explaining, with many grammar and syntax errors, why you should order from them. Here are some of the guarantees:

  • Cheap rates;
  • Plagiarism check;
  • Customer support 24/7;
  • Free limitless revisions and rewriting;
  • Secure website;
  • Specific writers who follow all guidelines;
  • Revisions before the deadline;
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors;
  • Thorough research process.

So, according to AssignmentsPlanet, you don’t have to worry about anything because their services are top-notch.

Nevertheless, we found some negative AssignmentsPlanet reviews to prove all those claims wrong.

Some of them complain about the grammar issues and syntax errors, which is a sign that some writers aren’t proficient in English. Nonetheless, this is not new. We previously mentioned that some parts of the site are poorly written.

Other Assignments Planet reviews state that the finished product wasn’t what they expected as the content was incomplete, superficial, and it didn’t meet all the requirements.

Here is one of them:

“I ordered essay help from Assignments Planet, and I can’t even begin to say how much of a mistake that was. The site looked decent, and the reviews seemed genuine. So, I ordered an essay in computer science (“Differences between C and C++”). I received the paper two days after the deadline. Also, the essay was mediocre: missing parts, non-coherent, and superficial. I wanted a refund, but they didn’t even bother to contact me. ”

Andrew S.


After reading some negative feedback about Assignments Planet, we decided to try the service ourselves.

We ordered an essay in the history of arts (“A look to the past: the differences between Italian Rinascimento and French Renaissance”) with the following details:

  • Seven-day deadline;
  • Four-pages long;
  • Final price.

The first red flag was the delay of the order. We got a confirmation two days after we ordered, and that can be a problem for someone who’s in a rush.

Then, the writer assigned to us was offline most of the time and stopped answering messages around the time of the due date.

Finally, we received the essay couple of hours before the deadline, and we were surprised.

For £47.96, we got a paper worth only £10.

We expected to be treated according to the guarantees. However, the finished product contained all the errors predicted by the reviews and more:

  • Syntax and grammar errors;
  • Poor communication from the writer’s part;
  • General information regarding the subject;
  • 10% plagiarism.

If we were a student, we’d be in some trouble. We’d have to rewrite the essay ourselves in a short period, all while having £47.96 less in our bank account.

So, according to our review, the quality is far lower than expected.


Previously, we mentioned the price we paid for our four-page essay. Let’s examine a standard fee for other services (college-level A):

  • The cost for a five-page long dissertation is £59.95.
  • The cost for a six-page long research paper is £71.94.
  • The cost for a ten-page long thesis is £119.90.

For a company that provides low-quality services, they are expensive.

Moreover, they don’t mention anything about refunds in case of missed deadlines and other issues like such.

They also offer a coupon code for a 15% discount to apply once on any order.

Customer Support

One of their guarantees is 24/7 customer support via:

  • Chat, which opens up as soon as you access the site and continues to flash on the browser bar;
  • Email;
  • Phone (not toll-free);
  • Physical location (address in the UK);
  • “Contact Us” area, where you write your name, email, and questions.

As shown in the “Services” and “Quality” paragraphs, customer support is unacceptable. Their team is frequently offline, and they give general answers. Moreover, they don’t provide refunds.

Yet, the most severe aspect is that writers don’t communicate with their clients properly.

We encountered more negative reviews on various websites.

There is a whole group of customer support feedback. Most of them complain about how slow AssignmentsPlanet is in processing orders and answering questions. Here is an example:

“I can’t believe that sites like these exist! I ordered an assignment from AssignmentsPlanet. I started to chat with the writer. Then, they went offline for a whole week. So, when they delivered my paper, it was already a week after the deadline! When I asked for a refund, I had to wait two days for an answer. Finally, they said it’s not in their policy to give me my money back. What a shame!”

Emma C.


If you wish to have an excellent academic life, try to avoid AssignmentsPlanet.

They deliver low-quality papers with delay, and their customer support is inadequate.

The prices are high, while there’s only a one-time 15% discount.

Our experience and many reviews confirm that AssignmentsPlanet is not a reliable company.

So, try to find a better assignment service to suit your needs.

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