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*Update 2021: To our disappointment, MhrWriter hasn’t made any changes in terms of their writers or their policies. What they have done is increasing their discount by a lot, probably because of their bad reputation and a very small number of customers. They have a limited offer for a 30% discount that you can get by entering the code on their website. We’ve read about this discount in many comments that date back a couple of months, which means that it’s long-lasting. Even so, the comments are terrible.

FAQ about

  • Is MhrWriter legit?

MhrWriter is not a legit service. Legal, it is, considering that there aren’t laws to prevent you from buying online and the fact that they deliver content (even though of terrible quality). However, we wouldn’t recommend this company at all.

  • Can you get a refund form MhrWriter?

Not a chance. We haven’t received one despite our terrible experience with them, nor have we read a single comment from a person claiming to have been refunded. The guarantees on this website are fake.

  • Is MhrWriter scam?

Yes, we’d definitely rate MhrWriter as a scam service. They will deliver some kind of content in return for your payment, so they aren’t an illegal service. But, the fact that they lie about their services and don’t care when their writers deliver copied content to customers says a lot about the service.

Detailed Review is an assignment writing service aimed to help students with their papers. The website looks professional and trustworthy, with happy students’ pictures on the home page. It has plenty of information about the services provided. At the website the team underlines that they do provide unique features, like confidentiality, professional support or numerous free revisions, however, these are offered at most any academic writing company online.

Since our last review on them was dated back in 2016, we have decided to make an updated review that could help you make a decision in 2019. Thus, we present you the updated MHR Writer review. So, let’s check out if their services have developed or not. The last time we check the service was not up to the mark, and we were quite disappointed. Let’s hope for the best and start analyzing.

The first thing that comes to mind – their website design is still the same as 3 years ago. They do have several support options, and UK phone number is listed. There is no information about actual company location, but if you research deeper, for example, using LinkedIn you will be able to find out that they are based in Pakistan. If you will read the website content carefully, you will notice that it is written by non-native speaker: there are a lot of stylistic and spelling errors. As for the writers, you cannot be sure that your paper is written by a native English speaker because of company location, but we can say for sure the service is hiring them among university graduates in the UK.


At the website, you can find a huge list of services offered, additionally to academic writing help, you can also get other writing services, like a business plan or sales copy, and they are also offering programming services for example. Since they may have not a native English speaker, though English can be their first language, but have the abolished form (abolish English are announced to become a sole official language of Pakistan), you need to be attentive to proper usage of words and grammar constructions. The free revisions they provide probably should help you to fix all the issues you might have. Based on the research we have conducted, such mistakes in small papers, i.e. less than 10 pages long, are fixed in 2-3 hours after the request is placed.

So, what kinds of services can you expect from them? We think the following list should help you :

  • Full Dissertation Writing – You would get complete service if you are worried about getting your dissertation done. From the proposals to the dissertation editing.
  • Individual Dissertation Chapters – Sometimes, it is just too hard to finish off a chapter of your dissertation even though you have completed almost everything else. You can get individual dissertation chapters written by these professionals. 
  • Essay Writing – Well, this was almost expected as we haven’t seen any academic writing company who doesn’t work on essays.
  • Custom Writing Services – Not everyone has the same kind of problem when it comes to the written assignment submission. A customer often needs custom-written writings and you can get them here. 
  • Miscellaneous Academic Writing – Other than the services we have mentioned, you can have your assignments, coursework, or case studies written. Actually, you can even buy research papers or assignments from them. 

Also, you should know that they are less attentive to the guidelines, and there can be fewer sources than you have ordered. Probably that happens because of the availability of some sources for none UK or US writers. The urgent orders are completed within 24 hours, so you won’t be able to get the paper with 2-5 hours of turnaround.


We were quite hyped up after seeing their long list of services. We try to have a positive attitude every time we plan on doing an honest review. However, we are quite sad to include this part in the MHR Writer review – they have an awful writing quality!

As soon as we received the essay that we had ordered from them on Operations Management, we were quite shocked by seeing the result. The writer barely had any knowledge on the topic. It seemed like the writer just collected some paragraphs from different sources and squeezed them in a single essay. The content was very poor and not worth sending money on.

Not only that but also we saw some traces of plagiarism on the essay. Well, not everything was copied from other sources, but the copy was only 67% unique based on some of the most popular third-party plagiarism checkers.

Overall, we had an awful experience regarding the essay quality. Those of you who are planning to order anything from them, let our experience be an example for you.


It would have been a nice option to have prices or online price calculation software listed on the service description page, but it is available in the order form, so it is okay. The prices are quite affordable at first glance, starting from £14.30 per page, for such kind of services, and depend on the quality level (they do have three options available). The academic level doesn’t influence on writing, so it is a benefit.

Currently, MHR Writer has three different service packages, and the pricing varies depending on the service level and deadline. Take a look at the pricing of the packages based on the deadline. Just a reminder, the price mentioned below is set for a single page of an essay. The price might vary depending on the type of project you have on your mind:

  • Bronze Package (Equal to 2:2) – £14.30 to £27.60;
  • Silver Package (Equal to 2:1) – £16.15 to £26.45;
  • Gold Package (Equal to 1st) – £18.00 to £31.30.


There are discount offers available too. You can get a staggering 30% discount if you use the coupon code MHR30.

However, we don’t want to tell you to use their service no matter how cheap the pricing policy is. Though, it is true that the pricing is quite affordable.

Helpful Extras

There are three support options available: chat, phone, and email. The support works 24/7 and as it’s being told it is fast, professional and efficient. However, some students who ordered from MHRwriter’s team claimed that during non-business hours it is not efficient, and you need to wait for some time to get somebody’s help.

They do have constantly updated blog with different articles about assignments they create, i.e. why they are needed, what skills are tested, etc. This information is useful for anyone, even for the ones who are writing themselves.

We really hope that this updated review of MHR Writer service has helped you and you can make a better decision. Rather than following the footsteps of other MHR Writer reviews, we have decided to make ours as authentic as possible and tried out their services first hand.

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