UKAssignmentsHelp review
3.8 / 10 points

Would you like to enjoy a summer discount of up to 50%? Of course, you would, who wouldn’t? But, despite the fact that this company promises such discounts, we still had to check if they are real. After all, there is no indication as to when and how they are applied.

Our review serves to check the services, prices, discount, quality and helpful extras of the company.

Firstly, we start by ordering a paper from the service. Quality of content is the priority of every student who pays for academic papers, which is why we put this feature as our first in the checklist, too.

Ordering the paper was easy since we had to enter all the information to see the discount offer, anyways. The paper we got was of solid quality, but unfortunately, the writer delivered it a day AFTER our 7-day deadline. Of course, we immediately asked for a full refund, but got none. The customer service agent actually tried to convince us that we checked that deadline ourselves, even though the system said otherwise.

Services offers a limited list of academic papers. Even though there are some interesting paper choices to be found here, the lack of common papers such as term papers and research papers is a serious disadvantage.


The deadline options are poor, starting at 24 hours and followed by 48 hours, 3-5 days and ‘6 days and above’. Not only the company failed to provide urgent deadline options, but they actually charge the same price for every paper ordered within 6 days and more. How can a paper with a deadline of a month cost the same as a paper with a deadline of a week?

This should not be a big problem since the prices are originally very cheap. Once we saw them, we started doubting the quality of content immediately, since no quality service is able to charge you £ 8.99 per page for any paper written by the best academic writers.

Still, if you were looking for an extremely cheap company, this is one of them. Starting at £ 8.99 per page for 2:2 Standard and ranging up to £ 27.99 for First Class quality level, the pricing here is highly affordable.


We did not really expect big discounts with the originally low prices, but the company actually has a huge offer that pops up on every page – up to 50% discounts for the summer period. However, since this is all you can find on the website, we decided to ask the customer service for more details.

Even when we did, the rude agent said ‘add all details about your order, then I’ll tell you how big a discount you can get’. This was a time-consuming and frustrating process since the company actually asked for ALL details about the order just to give us the discount amount, after which they gave us no more than 7% discount!

After contacting the agent again about the extremely low discount of 7%, he answered ‘40% discount is applicable on orders having 10,000 words and above’.

Helpful Extras

There are no extras you can choose for the service, only an ‘extra’ that’s automatically calculated to your price – £6 for every 5000 words. seems like a very promising company, but it is not one we would order another paper from. Their list of services is short, the customer service is rude and the process of getting the final quote is a torture! However, for those who look for the lowest prices, these just may be them. Just be careful – the paper we got arrived after the deadline.