FullAssignmentHelp.co.uk Review (Updated)

1.5 / 10 points

Fullassignmenthelp.co.uk is an online academic writing company with headquarters in the UK. They are offering assignment writing assistance for UK students. The company has a bright, modern website with the scrolled down home page which briefly describes services, benefits, and free extras. It also indicated values, mission and other things students should know about them.

The other thing we have noticed on the website that it contains numerous spelling error, which is not a good thing for the writing service and any copy they have should show their experience, attentiveness, and professionalism. So if you will give a try and order their very cheap assistance, you need to pay attention to what you get, since the attitude to their face, i.e. website, can be the work style they have.


As you probably may already know, brevity is not always the soul of wit. At the Fullassignmenthelp.co.uk, the service list has two options: Write My Assignment and Buy an Assignment. Both pages describe the same idea: order writing help from our team and you will solve all your issues at school, college or university. However, at the order form, you will find all existing academic papers writing types listed, with no information on them. This is a very common mistake among young writing companies and it is always corrected in several years of operation.

However, comparing with others, they do have very useful information concerning the quality of writing. As you know usually writing companies offer three quality types, i.e. Standard, Premium and Platinum, and in very rare cases you can find information on what this actually means to you. Here on the pricing page, the brief description of what you will get by choosing one of them is provided.


By reviewing their price list we have found it very cheap, the page costs less than 5 USD. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so we decided to look deeper. The company has numerous additional services which are usually free and included in the papers of definite types, so when you need, for example, paper in Math area with calculations you will add extra service to your paper. And after adding all needed the price can become three or even five times higher.


It is nice to save money ordering online with various coupon codes or discounted offers. FullAssignmentHelp provides 15% off on any order placed under their system, so it is a nice option. However, they don’t indicate how long this offer is valid, or how many pages you need to order to get this discount.

Helpful Extras

At any online business 24/7, customer support is mandatory since clients may have updates, concerns or anything else they might need to push to the writer support team urgently. The Full Assignment Help team does have three options available: like chat, email, and phone support, but unfortunately, it works only during business hours, the UK time.

Stating that they accept urgent orders, FullAssignmentHelp’s order form is limited to the 4-day deadline, and in the case of real urgency you need contact support to discuss the details and if they can help you they do it with pleasure. Probably this is done because their team of writers is not very big, and they should find out if the writer is available for urgent papers. Of course, if you will order from a huge company they definitely will take your order right away and assign to any available writer in your area during next 2 hours since they usually have a pool of 500+ writers.

Probably the reason of strange deadlines is that the order form they have is very raw and not including all cases needed for effective operation, this happens because of short experience in the area comparing with other similar companies. But we think that during the time being it will change and become more detailed and user-friendly.