Review (Updated)


*Update 2022: The company AssignmentBox stopped its work in 2022 and does not provide any services anymore.

2.6 / 10 points

This is a writing company set up by a writing circle of gay men. Their first website only offered help for gay students, but they soon changed their methods when they realized that they were only appealing to 10% of the student community, so they switched around their website and started offering services for all students. However, if you take a look at their website, you can see a few lingering hints that they are trying to attract gay male clientele.

They offer writing services for many academic subjects, but their writing staff is only small. They do offer a call center service you may call if you wish to talk to customer support, but they outsource this service, so you have no idea who is answering the phone.

Despite its quirks, we have to say that we really disliked this company. We didn’t like the service and were less than impressed with their turnaround time and work quality. We found their website annoying and their customer support people idiotic.


They offer a series of services including an evaluation. Since we were intrigued, we signed up for an evaluation, and holy cheese balls it was terrible. They simply put us on about 4 different mailing and calling lists and we have had nothing but spam messages since. Thanks, Assignment Box. To be fair, they did eventually send us a quote for the work we wanted, but we would have preferred not to be spammed.

As for the services they provide, we are not sure. We tried their website links and they just led back to the same gaggle of pages, so we contacted their customer service department. We never received a reply online, but we did eventually get through with their phone support. We spoke to Kevin, a man with a very thick North African accent. We asked what services they provide, at which point he described how we should evaluate for a quote. We thanked him, but asked again, saying, ‘We are reviewing your services and before we make our orders, we would like to know what writing services your company offers.’ To which Kevin replied loudly and confidently, before hanging up the phone.


When you order from this assignment service, you get to choose between three levels of standard. There is the cheaper standard service, the premium service, and the platinum service. Despite our best efforts, we could only get their prices in Great British pounds, but they still give you an idea of how much your essay may cost.

Their 4-hour deadlines range from £23.50, £25.50, and £29.50 per page. Their 10 days or more deadlines range from between £11.50, £13.50, and £14.50 per page. The prices vary from cheaper to more expensive because of the different standard levels you choose.


Click the banner to get your 15% discount, and it takes you to your order form, but it doesn’t include the discount code for you. They claim that they have a 15% discount all over their website, but we cannot figure out what the discount code is, the company was not forthcoming in giving it to us, so we cannot provide it to you.

Helpful Extras

They have a lot of disclaimers with which they tell you not to hand in the work as your own, so as far as extras go, you may wish to abide by their rules and simply rewrite whatever they send you. They also have a cancellation policy in which they claim they will refund a portion of your money. As a side note, they claim they are a member of TrustWave, but it only relates to their payment processing and is no indication of the quality of their work or the trustworthiness of their company.