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OxbridgeEssays review
2.4 / 10 points

OxbridgeEssays.com is not a hard-to-find company. They have invested a lot in marketing, so their ads kept popping up on the Internet. Eventually, we decided to visit their pages and write this OxbridgeEssays.com review. Firstly, we should answer the question that every student probably asks when they open the page – is Oxbridge Essays legit? Does this company belong to the best assignment writing services?

It depends on how you look at it. The company does deliver all kinds of services when you pay them, which is a plus in this Oxbridge Essays review. However, if you stop to check some of the OxbridgeEssays.com reviews from testimonials (we aren’t talking about the ones on the website), you’ll learn that it’s a rather unpopular service.

The site makes it all seem ideal, but there are even flaws there. OxbridgeEssays has created no prices page for you to look at. You can check the service list, read some average quality samples, and read pages and pages of irrelevant content. If you want to see the prices, you should use the order form.

But, more about it later in this OxbridgeEssays review. Now let’s start with the first part of the OxbridgeEssays review – the services you can buy here.


If you check some OxbridgeEssays reviews, there’s one thing you won’t find – negative comments about services offered. The company offers an array of different services that include writing, proofreading, and editing. On their pages, you can order essays, dissertations, articles, reviews, reports, homework, coursework, and more.

Basically, they offer everything you might need from your first day at high school until your last day as a PhD student. They even offer to write a PhD dissertation or thesis.


The service list at OxbridgeEssays was a pleasant surprise. After we read all those bad Oxbridge Essays reviews, we expected to be disappointed right away. But, the real disappointment came when we got the order from their writers. From that moment, everything went downhill.

Our order for a term paper was delayed for almost an entire day. During that time, we tried to speak to the support agents. They kept asking us to wait and redirecting us to a different agent. Forty minutes later, we got the response that the paper will come in a couple of minutes. It came over 6 hours after that.

This wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part about our experience was the quality. This service has the exact kind of quality that all those Oxbridge Essays reviews talked about – bad. So far, we have never received such a badly formatted term paper. It contained no references, so most of the content was plagiarized. The scanner showed 34% of plagiarism, something that’s highly frowned upon in academic institutions.

As you can assume, we once again reached out to their support. This time, they decided to ignore us and never answered to our queries.


You would expect that a company with such a bad reputation and quality offers good prices to attract more people to buy. That is what most companies like this one do – but not Oxbridge Essays. At this service, we were offered the same high price for any deadline, which was extremely strange. Their system seems to be dysfunctional, but even when we confirmed the order, that’s how much we were charged – £80 per page. This is extravagant, especially since this same price showed for a deadline of 2 and 10 days. The price applied to a term paper with quality standard 2:1.

The company will ask you many things to tell you the price, so we aren’t really sure what affects it. To get to the quote, you’ll have to enter:

  • Paper type
  • Number of pages/ words
  • Deadline
  • Subject

If you like the price, they’ll ask you to provide paper details and click confirm.


Before the disappointment with the content quality and support, we were a bit frustrated about one more thing – the lack of any kind of discount. You won’t be finding any offers for new or returning customers. There isn’t a single Oxbridge Essays discount code mentioned in customers’ testimonials. Not only is this company one of the highest-priced we’ve seen, but they don’t even have benefits for their loyal customers.

When we saw that they have no discounts and stick to those high prices, we thought – well, maybe the quality is so good that they cannot offer lower rates. But, we thought wrong.

Helpful Extras

If you’d still be willing to give this service a try, you might want to know about their extras. This service doesn’t have the extras like most companies do such as VIP support or plagiarism reports. They only give you the chance to pick the grade you want to get. We picked 2:1, which would go around 60-75% in terms of quality.

Final Thoughts

Based on everything we’ve experienced and shared in this review, we cannot recommend this service to students who want affordable and quality services. They have a nice-looking site and a good service list, but that is it! There have been many downsides from ordering here, the biggest one being that we paid a fortune to get a bad paper.

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  1. Brian Dean Reply

    I have experienced a low quality work and have to deal with unskilled and rude writers. Even I am surprised that they don’t offer any promotions or customer support.

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