IvoryResearch.com Review (Updated)

Ivory Research review
2.5 / 10 points

*Update 2021: Except for their attempt to enter the social media world, there’s nothing changed about the company that we could find. They’ve introduced a WhatsApp contact option in addition to their live chat. This is strange considering how poorly their support functioned back when they had a limited number of contact options.

As is the case with top-rated companies like UK Best Essays, the quality of the support has a great effect on the experience of customers. To be more, the company still has terrible comments in terms of paper quality, which makes it a terrible choice compared to high-rated services in the UK like AssignmentMasters.

FAQ about IvoryResearch.com

  • Is Ivory Research illegal?

Even though Ivory Research deserves the lowest rating, it isn’t illegal to order here. There aren’t laws that prevent students from buying their papers online. Since they do deliver papers (of terrible quality, though), it remains legal to order on this website.

  • Is Ivory Research cheating?

The answer to this is definitely yes and it can be applied to most of the things you’ll read on the website. First and most important, they lie about the quality that’s far from good. Secondly, they lie about the guarantees, that has been proven over and over again with the comments of unhappy customers.

  • How much does Ivory Research cost?

Ivory Research is a steeply-priced service, which is even stranger when you consider the lack of quality. Their prices still start somewhere around £39.99 and grow based on the deadline, level, and type of paper. The most disappointing thing about the pricing is the lack of discounts.

  • How reliable is Ivory Research?

Ivory Research is not a reliable service. They don’t guarantee quality despite what their website says, which can be seen in the many negative comments from customers. To be more, they are known to delay the delivery of papers, which is terrible for students with deadlines.

Detailed Review

We review a lot of assignment writing paper sites and take several things into consideration. That includes quality, privacy protection, guarantees, and support.

Today we are going to update our Ivory Research review as a lot of you guys have e-mailed us to make a thorough review of the website and its services. So we decided to revisit their website and tell you about our experience taking their services. So, sit tight and enjoy.

When compared to other sites, Ivoryresearch fares well in all of these regards, though the site isn’t as easy or appealing to read as it should be.

This site has a comprehensive terms and conditions page that gives students all the information they need before they make an order. However, despite its transparency, the page is quite long and it takes a bit of time to read with quite a bit of scrolling necessary as well.

We were quite happy with the paper we ordered, but unlike other paper writing sites, it took about 20 minutes before we received a response from the site after our order was made. The writer knew quite a bit about the topic and injected just the right amount of creativity and research into the paper.


Most students rely on a paper writing site for a basic essay, which is one of the most common assignments in university classrooms. However, the expert writers on the site are also willing and able to take a wide range of other projects. Previously they had only a few services available which were a big bummer. Back then they only offered services in the following categories:

  • Dissertation services
  • Coursework
  • Exam notes
  • Literature reviews
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Improvement

In recent days, they have included more services due to high demand in the market. Here is the list of the updated services that Ivory Research offers:

  • Annotated bibliography
  • Assignments
  • Essays
  • Model answers
  • Reflective reports

Apart from the writing services, they have also added some additional services that could help the students in many ways, especially when the project submission deadline is ticking like a time bomb. Here is the list of the additional non-writing related services that have been added lately:

  • Computer programming
  • Software development
  • Statistical analysis


So, this is the section that took the most effort while writing this review. Our previous review was solely based on the information that Ivory Research had available on their website. We think we can help you understand the true nature of the service with a more practical approach.

That’s why we had decided to try out their services and see if they are truly capable of serving what is claiming to serve. So, we went for an essay on Aspects of Project Management which would be about 1,000 words. As for the academic level and grade, we chose the Undergraduate Upper 1st (75%+) from the listed option mentioned on their website. We were quite stunned by seeing the bill. This essay costs about 500 GBP which is really too high, on our opinion. We asked them to turn this over within three days.

We were anticipating the essay to be outstanding as the price was quite high. Sadly, the result out to be quite dissatisfying. It seemed that the writer kind of finished off the essay in a hurry. We found numerous grammatical mistakes – it was surely not written by any native English speaker. The information seemed poorly presented. We couldn’t find any correlation between the subsections the writer created. It seemed like he just took inspiration from a few sources and wrote them in his own words.

We certainly don’t think the essay should be worth 500 GBP. Overall, it was a bitter experience.


One thing this site could do better is to make a detailed grid to outline the pricing structure. Once you find the quote page, you will be asked to provide some information, then a free quote is offered however, you must provide your name and email to receive the quote.

Prices are dependent on several factors. That includes the length of the paper, the academic level and the type of assignment. The prices also go up as the deadline urgency grows. For example, a deadline of more than 10 days will cost less than one of 6 hours or less. Prices start at £39.99 which is at the top end of the market. That could be how they justify calling themselves a VIP service.


Many paper writing websites offer discounts that can save students money in a variety of ways. While there are some discounts available, they are not readily advertised. Students can find a breakdown of the available deals under the FAQ section on the website.

We couldn’t find any info about discounts for the first clients or for the returning visitors. There are only some occasional promo or discount codes on Facebook but they don’t even describe how to get them and how much it is. 

Helpful Extras

This site offers a helpful library and blog that is loaded with information that students can use to be as successful as possible with their workload. There is an idea generator to assist students in choosing a dissertation topic. There is also information taking exams, tips for college life and how to write a resume.

So, basically, there are no major changes in our updated IvoryResearch review. We still can’t recommend this service.


  1. Zoe Shaw Reply

    Ivory research is a scam service! If you need a paper find another team. Essays are low-quality and you cannot get a refund here.

  2. Scarlett French Reply

    It’s expensive essay service that is not worth your time. The team failed to deliver three important essays and a lost my second year in college.

  3. Phyllis Stuart Reply

    It is a scam service! IvoryResearch company is reselling papers you can download for free. I got the lowest grade in my class for the essay ordered here.

  4. Salem Aljalal Reply

    where do i start… this website is the definition of a scam. first and foremost, they will do anything to take your money. once your money is gone, they will assign a so called writer. this writer who is apparently not a native English speaker claims to be an expert, and guess what? you will get a paper that a kid from high school can write better than it. full of grammatical errors and no logic at all.. emailed customer service and they did nothing claiming the work has been done. oh and i forgot to mention that the complaints email address is a SCAM your email will bounce back. avoid while u can

  5. Jennifer Reply

    I wouldn’t advise using this website because of its poor services. It seems their writers are not well qualified to write papers so they offer copied work. Even I find it difficult to comprehend how they can charge more for such low-quality work.

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