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1.4 / 10 points is a writing service that was popular for a few months and then suddenly dropped from the Google search engine results and saw a dramatic loss of a customer. We were not sure why they suddenly went from popular to forgotten, but we were fearful that the essay projects we sent them would not be done.

To our pleasant surprise, they did pick up on the projects and took them on. They did a rather good job, but it is clear from the way they are written that they are not using UK writers for their project. There are no people in the UK that would use the sentence syntax and grammatical flair that these writers use.

The writers for this company are clearly people with English as their second language. Their work was correct, but the writing is obviously written by people that do not have English as their first language, which is why we suggest that you re-edit the work they send you or your professor will know you didn’t write the essay you hand in.

To highlight how they write their essays, look at the snippet from their blog. In return of that much of hard work and sacrifices, students expect a first or at least a second class degree but imagine receiving a lower grade just because you were unaware of some tips. As you can see, the text is grammatically incorrect, structurally questionable, and it has mistakes. It is accurate in some sense, and so were the essays that we received back from them, but as you can see, their work needs editing before it can be handed in as your own.


If you try to find out what their services are, no matter which links you click to get there, you will be passed back to the same page. If you want to see what they provide, then you need to look at their quoting tool. It has a list of different types of essays and such. You are supposed to pick the one you want when making your order. Here are a few of the subjects and services that they cover and offer.

  • Term Paper
  • Dissertation
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Admission Essay
  • Essay
  • Research paper
  • Coursework


This essay writing company has diligently explained what it means by the standards it gives. Their standard service is equivalent to 2:2 standard of writing. Their Premium service is equivalent to a 2:1 standard of writing. Their First Class service is equivalent to First Class standard of writing. We could not obtain their prices in dollars, we could only get them in GBP, which is what they use in Great Britain. You will need to convert their prices into USD to get an idea of how much your assignment will cost at the current conversion rate.

You can get your work done within 24 hours for prices that range between £23.50, £25.50 and £29.50 per page. You can get your work done with a deadline of 10 days & more at prices between £11.50, £13.50 and £14.50 per page.


With this company, you get free formatting, a free title page, free bibliography, and free revisions. It is very possible that this website offers discounts, but due to their buggy website we were unable to find them, and we were unable to apply any when we made our orders. If they do have discounts, they are hiding them well.

Helpful Extras

They have a live chat function and a few freebies to go with it. You can call them if you wish, and they will also offer you a free table of contents for your essay. They give free revisions, which is not uncommon, but we struggled to find many extras with this company.