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*Update 2020: We keep getting negative feedback from students about MyAssignmentHelp. It seems that after getting so many bad reviews, the service didn’t bother to improve. It hasn’t hired better writers, and it’s even more disappointing than it used to be. Many students feel robbed after spending their money on this website.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the services with a much better reputation. We have recently updated and

FAQ about

  • Is MyAssignmentHelp reliable?

Reliability is not a term that we’d use to describe this service. After getting an essay from one of its writers, we were highly disappointed with its quality. The overall experience was disappointing, since there was no support and the order was late.

  • Is MyAssignmentHelp legitimate?

Any service is legit when it doesn’t break the laws. But when it delivers low-quality content with plagiarism in it, it’s not legitimate. MyAssignmentHelp didn’t meet our standards for credibility.

  • Is MyAssignmentHelp good?

Let’s see: the price is high, the orders are late, and the quality is very low. There are much better services to hire than this one.

  • Is MyAssignmentHelp fake?

There are many fake “guarantees” about this website. Despite promising good quality, timely delivery, and constant support, the company fails to deliver what its customers expect.

Detailed Review

We must strongly recommend that you stay away from My Assignment Help. They are spinners, which means they take work from other sources and run it through a device that changes certain words for alternate words. Spinning is used to fool online plagiarism checkers, but the results of the spin-bots are terrible. The written content of all the projects we sent them was spun. The text read like something a child with a thesaurus may have written. If you would like examples of what spinning looks like, then take a look at their website.

If you need essay writing services, then try a real company that provides custom-written (original) content. Do not help companies such as MyAssignmentHelp to stay in business by giving them your projects. Use a different writing company. We tried in vain to get our money back for the orders we placed, but there was nothing we could do. We couldn’t even invoke the distance selling laws because they use HideMyAss VPN services to mask their true identity.

To learn more about them, read our review.


The company says to offer any kinds of services. However, you can’t find this information on the website because it isn’t clearly listed anywhere. We tried accessing the order form, but an error kept showing, so we had to do our order with the help of an agent via the live chat. Based on some Myassignmenthelp reviews we read, this has been a problem for quite a while.

The agent told us that we can request any kind of paper we need, which makes the services offer of this company very diverse and not at all limited. Still, we aren’t sure how good this really is, since putting no limitation on the services you offer puts customers at a big risk if your team doesn’t know how to write their specific paper.


As we always do, we also ordered a paper for this Myassignment Help UK review. As everything with this website seems to be, the ordering was also very strange and would concern any student. So, when they delayed the delivery for over 24 hours, we started thinking that we won’t get any paper at all for the money we paid.

It was very late, which is a very big problem, but the paper arrived a day later. However, it wasn’t a good one and the company certainly did not leave us any time to ask for revision. Any student who orders expects to receive the paper within the deadline.


We did a little research into the prices that this writing company offers, but despite our efforts, we were unable to come up with a reasonable price list. It turns out that they figure out their quotes on a single-project basis. This means there is no guarantee as to what price your assignment may come to.

They ask that you fill out a form and send it off for a personalized quote. They are unable to give you a standard set of quotes because they will vary from person to person. Interestingly enough, even though they don’t offer you prices, they do offer discounts. This was very strange, since what prices do you get those discounts on? And, who can really tell if you are getting a real discount in the first place?


The discounts part is the strangest of them all. A company that has no prices actually has discounts, which is frustrating and definitely fake. And their discount isn’t low at all – they actually offer 20% off and a $20 signing bonus to new customers!

Since we were new customers, we asked to receive a quote via the live chat (the order form does not work). The quote was quite high and the agent just gave it to us saying: ‘all discounts are added to it’’.

Helpful Extras

They have a live chat function and you get plagiarism free content. They give you personalized help via their customer service department. They use qualified writers and you are able to download samples of their work. You may also read their blog and use their price calculator too. It is just a shame that most of their content is spun content, which means you are not able to hand it in as your own without being caught out. Do not risk using this company.