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1.9 / 10 points

Almost all of our reviewers were angry with this company, and not for the usual reasons. They actually rewrite most of the work they produce, and if that is not enough of a kicker, they actually say they are a rewriting firm in their small print disclaimer. Also, for some reason, they have included the link to their XML sitemap on the web pages, which is only meant for Google and not the user.

If that doesn’t bother you, then consider the fact that they are a “writing company” and yet their website is littered with poor grammar and sentence syntax. Their website uses terms such as “Exactly done” and ends sentences with “Be it” and then nothing else. Also, they have the brass to say that they will refund your money if their work is plagiarized, which is foolish unless it is what they do. It is like a garage saying they will refund your money if your car machine guns a car full of people.

Please read through their website and look at the numerous syntax errors because they are what you are going to get within your essay. A decaying series of poorly written sentences and fluffy text that is clearly rewritten from something else. They actually used the line, “The term paper should be used with the proper reference”, which is a meaningless sentence unless it is part of the English language that has just been invented. Steer clear of these thumb-chewing morons and use another essay writing service.


This company claims they will do any subject, any deadline, and any topic. We did a little investigatory work and discovered that they were telling the truth, they will take on any topic, any deadline, and any subject. The downside is that they are not operating as an honest essay writing service.

The legitimate companies have a series of academic writers working for them. They tend to work in the offices of the company, and they each have their own subject area and qualifications. The Assignment Provider company doesn’t have this, they farm out their projects to freelancers, and they are not very discriminating about it. If they find a series of freelancers that fit the job, they will pick the cheapest and get the job done. There is no guarantee that you will get back a good essay because even the company doesn’t yet know who will be writing it.


We discovered that they offer first class and 2:1 standard piece of work. We couldn’t gain any price list with regards to how much each piece will cost. We cannot provide you with details of their prices with this company because the website wouldn’t let us. We contacted their customer service department, but as of this moment, we have not received any replies. We tried their quoting tool but it doesn’t seem to work. We entered our details numerous times, but it wouldn’t allow us to select the number of pages we wanted, so it wouldn’t spawn a price for us.


There are no available discounts on their website right now. So, we can’t add anything good in this point as well. Unfortunately, whether you are a new customer or regular buyer, you have to pay full price.

Helpful Extras

They allow you to see samples of their work, but the samples are pre-written. They seem to be aiming for foreign people because they do show many Caucasians on their website, which may indicate that they conduct their business from another country. They have live chat for contacting the customer service department, and they offer 24/7 sales support. Also, their website claims they are British, but their phone number is redirected to Bangladesh.