AssignmentAce review
2.5 / 10 points is a service that claims to have over 2000 writers and many orders every month. Judged by its reputation and the number of Assignment Ace reviews, we don’t believe that this is the case. The company doesn’t have such a strong reputation as to hire so many people, and based by what people say about it, it’s not the best assignment writing service as the site promises.

This was the beginning of our research for this review. We started on a negative note because of this poor reputation, but still decided to give this company a chance despite the poor reviews.

If you are interested in learning more about this and our experience, keep reading this Assignment Ace review.


The offer of services on the website is quite impressive. We found every academic assignment known on different academic levels, which means that you can order just about anything on this site. They have essays and research papers, dissertations and theses, projects and presentations, homework and coursework, and much more. Customers can buy them 30 days ahead, with the shortest deadline being 12 hours.

We’ve come across many companies that have shorter deadlines, allowing customers to buy their papers last-minute. Still, 12 hours is not a bad option, either.


At this point, we were hopeful that our AssignmentAce review will be better than those comments from customers indicated. That’s when we ordered a research paper from the service with a deadline of 4 days and some detailed requirements.

The result was terrible in many ways. The only thing that we can confirm is that they send the papers on time – or at least that was the case with our research paper. The assignment itself was terrible. Most of it was plagiarized from just one source which we could easily find thanks to our plagiarism scanners. The writer did a poor job trying to rewrite the content of another person, which ended up in our research paper having over 40% of plagiarism in it.

Nothing in the paper was properly cited. The writer copied the bibliography from the source they stole the content from word for word even though they didn’t include all the same content. Other than that, we found no other citations. Not to mention, the rest of the content was so full of mistakes, it was hard to make sense of it.

From what we read, it was evident that the writer that AssignmentAce gave our paper to was not a native English speaker and had very poor writing skills. We instantly reached out hoping to resolve this and get another paper, a refund, or even some revisions. Even though the agent on the live chat was professional and said that this will be resolved, we never got any message from them ever again.

After a while, we tried calling them on the phone. The agents there told us that they cannot find us in the system and that we are not customers of this service. This was the most unprofessional thing ever.


If you stop to consider how cheap Assignment Ace is, you’ll realize why things went so poorly. We cannot expect them to assign someone with tons of experience and skills at a rate that’s lower than $10 per page, which is what they charged for our research paper. This is one of the lowest rates you can find, but judged by the irreparable content we received, it’s still not worth it.

Customers can access the full pricelist on the dedicated page on the website. Here you’ll learn that there are four categories for their prices depending on the academic level. It seems that the service doesn’t care what type of paper you need – this doesn’t affect the final rate, which is very strange. On this website, you can buy a dissertation and an essay at the same price, which goes a long way to show about their quality of work.


Don’t look for any discounts on this website. They mention this only once on the website, but it’s followed with a short explanation of the freebies that you get with the order. These aren’t actually discounts, so it’s rather misleading. A company without a loyalty program or a welcome discounts is rare to find these days, and we consider to be a big downside.

Helpful Extras

Speaking of freebies, you will get a free plagiarism report, free revisions, free formatting, free citations, and free title page when you buy here. At this point, we can tell you that most of these aren’t real since we never got the free revisions and the plagiarism report was a scam. We used several scanners including Turnitin and found tons of plagiarism in our paper even though their report said it was original.

Final Thoughts

Even though Assignment Ace promises a lot, they deliver very little when you put your trust in them. This company has an attractive and professional-looking website, combined with all the academic papers you can need and very low prices. However, the downsides are much bigger – low paper quality, plagiarism, and no guarantees whatsoever. All in all, we don’t recommend using this company.