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EssayWritingServiceUK review
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When you land on the website, you will see all the things that every single company in the industry offers. We looked very hard to find uniqueness but couldn’t find any. was spitting out all those common phrases – original contents, UK writers, a wide range of services, best quality essays, etc. In short, they claim to be the best essay writing services online – just like every other company.

It lacks originality. So, if you are looking for an academic writing company that stands out, you should look someplace else.

However, we have to say that the UX of the website feels quite natural, and the sticky-bar on the top helps to navigate through the website very smoothly. But we aren’t looking for a service that has the best site, we are looking for quality and the best prices that college students can afford.

As we checked the pricing policies of, we were shocked. The prices of the writing services are off the chart. We think this is one of the expensive services we have seen in ages. We are never saying that being pricey is a crime, but the prices should sync with the quality of the services too.

Now the biggest question is – are their services worthy of such high price tags? We would get into that!

So, let’s start with the review and analyze their true capability.


In the first look, you might think that EssayWritingServiceUK is offering a wide variety of services. actually, they are creating an illusion that they have every single type of writing service waiting for you.

For example, there are eleven different types of essay services you can get from them. In the same way, you will get five different types of dissertation services.

However, Among the essay services, they have enlisted services like assignment writing, coursework, report writing, and lab reports. So, in a way, you can say that EssayWritingServiceUK is using the different other types of academic writings under the essay title.

We found that they are capable of offering a total of seventeen different types of writing services to the students. Other than the writing services, they can help you with proofreading and editing.

But what about the subject area? Does Essay Writing Service UK have the caliber to support the needs of students coming from different subject preferences?

Yes, we can say that they have a massive team of academic writers to back their claims. There are 36 listed topics on their website. We really hope that the claim is true. Otherwise, it would be a cheap trick to attract customers.


We really have to praise a company if it is truly offering services to 36 subject areas. So, we decided to put Essay Writing Service UK through an acid test.

We went for ordering a 3,000-word essay on “Bottleneck Removal Procedures in The Supply Chain Management of a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).” It is a fairly complicated topic to write about. Without prior knowledge of Supply Chaim Management and Logistics management, no one should be able to write a well-researched essay. The preset deadline was set to 3 days.

Their asking price was £913.50, which is definitely a hefty price tag. Some other companies could do the same in just a £300-ish price point.

We must say the final result disappointed us deeply. First of all, the essay turned out to be “okay.” There is nothing special that stood out. There is no way that their custom essay writing service stands on the top of the quality benchmark.

So far, the Essay Writing Service UK review is not going to any good direction. Their premium service stands somewhere around below the average point.


Our EssayWritingServiceUK review about the pricing can be summarized in one single word – terrible! No matter the qualification or the caliber of the writers, an academic writing company can’t just charge whatever price for the services.

We haven’t seen a single company having such high pricing. As we already know, we were charged more than £900 for a 3,000-word essay.  The price could have hiked up to £1102.50 if we went for even a slimmer deadline period.

Their website doesn’t have a chart or a list that can help a customer to assess the estimated price. Rather, you will have to fill a 5-page form to know the estimated value.


You might hope that they would offer discounts to cut off the unimaginably high prices. But alas, there is none. So, you will have to stick to the original prices offered by the company. We asked the customer support team whether they offer any discount or not. They replied with a harsh, no!

Helpful Extras

Okay, if you are still interested in taking their services, we can give you some hints. They claim to offer 100% transparency and security, so you will not have to worry about people knowing your connection with the service.

Apart from that, there are some helpful extras that seem quite appealing. For example, EssayWritingServiceUK can help you with two elaborate guides on how to write an essay or a dissertation. Truthfully, it is a great feature that prevented us from labeling them a truly evil company!

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are the end of our honest EssayWritingServiceUK review. We would highly discourage you from taking their services. They offer a somewhat average quality with unimaginably high prices. Even other EssayWritingServiceUK reviews believe so. Our final rating would be 2.3 out of 10!

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