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*Update 2022: Many students tried Global Assignment Help since we reviewed it the last time. You’re still able to choose a writer if you want to. You get a fixed price but it’s not very affordable. The quality wasn’t improved after we had reviewed them the last time. And because of all this, we can’t give GlobalAssignmentHelp a higher rating in 2022.

FAQ about

  • Is Global Assignment Help trustworthy?

Our Global Assignment Help review from first-hand experience proved that it’s not a good service. The writers don’t get the work done every time. For such an average price, you can find better services than this. Take a look at our number one service, they are worth your money.

  • Is Global Assignment Help legit?

GlobalAssignmentHelp is a legit service, but we advise not to order from them. The writers are not very qualified and hence, the quality of content is generally average.

Detailed Review

Reviewing an assignment assistance site means investigating all of the features of the site, but we place importance on quality, support, guarantees, and privacy protection. Compared to others, Global Assignment Help performs decently in all these aspects. The site, however, is a bit long-winded and requires a lot of scrolling.

In terms of policies, they are clearly stated on the site but are lengthy. Students will have access to any information they need before they make an order if they are willing to read through it all. The policies helped us feel comfortable with confidentiality before we placed an order.


GlobalAssignmentHelp is quite good at meeting the basic needs of students who want to order content online. Essay writing is one of the main services. You can order writing, editing, and proofreading in that category.

These are the other categories of services offered:

  • Assignment services:
    • Poster
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Math
    • Engineering
    • Biotechnology
    • Law
    • Science, and more
  • Summary writing;
  • Thesis help;
  • Homework assistance;
  • Programming ;
  • Dissertation help;
  • Research paper;
  • Coursework writing services;
  • Answers (in any subject area).

The order form includes many niches, so you can order any type of an assignment here.


We received several decent reviews from students about this website. Our team always takes testimonials into consideration. However, we do something more: we order actual papers. That’s the only way we can share information about direct experience and quality.

To complete this GlobalAssignmetHelp review, we ordered an essay from the niche of biotechnology. We don’t see that subject area featured too often, so we decided to try it. We don’t know if the writer had a relevant degree. Unfortunately, he didn’t get into detail explaining the concept, and he even didn’t use any authoritative studies to support his claims. The final result was pretty bad. The company does’ deliver good work for the money it charges. 


GlobalAssignmetHelp claims to be pocket-friendly and does offer reasonably competitive prices, though they certainly aren’t the lowest ones available. The final cost of the paper depends on the type of services, the subject, length, and the deadline.

There are no quality levels available. And you can not see general pricing, only after you choose what exactly you need. The shortest deadline is 4 hours and the longest is 30 days.

For example, the same essay in history for 4 pages will cost you £75.6 for the shortest deadline and only £ 28.9 if you can wait 30 days.


The company used to recommend students to download its app to get a discount. But now, everyone gets 25% off the final price. You can still download the app if you want it; it makes the experience way more convenient. However, with a discount of 25%, the price drops to only £5.83 for a page of an essay with a deadline of 10 days. We received several Global Assignment Help reviews by students who loved this concept.

Unlike some other sites, there doesn’t appear to be a loyalty program to offer savings to students. However, the relatively low prices help balance this out and there are occasionally special deals or offers that are available on the site and the app. Students are also offered discounts for referrals.

Helpful Extras

It’s great that the company lets you see the profiles of its writers. When you go through their qualifications, you can choose your own writer. That’s probably the highlight of our Global Assignment Help review.

One thing this site does well is offering extras to entice students to order. They can handle all kinds of formatting, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and many more. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 100% plagiarism-free guarantee to give students peace of mind with every order.

Other perks include a free Turn It In Report, free online samples and a helpful blog that offers additional help with things like finding a job, being successful in class and a wealth of other topics that apply to a variety of classes and courses of study.

Overall, we don’t recommend using Despite they have many useful features, the quality leaves much to be desired, and that’s the main requirement for such companies.


  1. Raluca Reply

    They are not serious
    They haven’t delivered my work in time
    I failed my exam because of them… and they know this
    Also I don’t receive my money back

  2. Charlie Reply

    Based on my experience, I would not suggest this website. They hire ignorant writers who write essays with multiple grammar errors on low-quality papers and don’t even respond to your concerns. Stay away from it.

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