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AssignmentUK review
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AssignmentUK is another one of those companies that offer to help students deal with their constant assignment worries, but deliver very little. They claim to provide the best quality services for all types of assignment writing and maintain that they have amazing writers to back that up. However, as we will find out in this AssignmentUK review, all this is nothing but a marketing act designed to scam students.

Services has a paltry number of services that do not provide for a wide variety of students’ needs. These can be found on the company’s website on the drop-down menu. Let’s see what these are:

  • Essay
  • Term paper
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Online Assignment
  • Book and Movie Review
  • Research Paper
  • Lab Report
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Programming

Although there are other services as well, these are nothing but offshoots of the services that we have already mentioned. This is done to make it look as if there is actually an extensive list of services that students can avail when in reality they are not too different from each other.

Various AssignmentUK reviews also suggest that a lot of subjects are not covered such as health and social care, engineering, and the like. This compromises a major chunk of the student demographic as they cannot get any assignment help for their subjects.


In order to assess the quality of work delivered by this assignment writing service, UK students can check out the samples provided on the website. We are not sure if this is self-confidence or false bravado since the samples available do not meet the requirements of a well-written paper.

Students have also complained about time and time again that the assignment writing help they received did not get them high grades, a major aspect that the service guarantees to provide. Many Assignment UK reviews also illustrate how the papers delivered are sometimes plagiarized and littered with grammatical errors.  This leads us to believe that the writers hired by are incompetent, non-native writers, or plain hacks.

Even basic things like proofreading and editing – something that students shouldn’t have to worry about – are not done properly. This assignment service and their writers really give the whole industry a bad name.


The prices seem relatively affordable, at first. You can make use of the price calculator on the ‘Pricing’ page to get an estimate of how much you will be charged. Or, if you prefer, you can go through the order form and get the estimate emailed to you.

To offer you a rough estimate, a ten-page Platinum quality essay with a five-day deadline will cost you about £150. However, the price increases dramatically once you start to increase the number of pages. A good dissertation of about 45,000 words can set you back by £3,300. This is not a cheap essay writing service UK, by any stretch of the imagination.

For the purposes of this Assignment UK review, we may very well have glossed over if it wasn’t for the low-quality work that you would invariably get. Most reviews point out that even their so-called platinum quality essays do not get students high grades. We can only imagine what their standard essays are worth.


AssignmentUK provides a 10% discount for first-time users. It may seem like a considerable amount, but given the original price level, it hardly makes a dent. Additionally, there are no loyalty programs that sometimes can provide discounts of even 15%, as is the case with most other online writing companies. This is quite an issue with this essay writing service since most students are living on a budget and require the provision of discounts to help them get their assignments.

Helpful Extras

There are a few additional features that keep this essay writing service UK from being utterly horrendous. They provide a reference page with every paper. Additionally, they claim to provide 100% plagiarism-free content with unlimited revisions and a cash-back guarantee.

However, as we have noticed in every AssignmentUK review, this too has its own problems. Plagiarism has been a constant problem when getting assignment help UK. Furthermore, customer service is dodgy when it comes to providing free revisions or refund. When the agents do reply, it is usually very late by which time the deadline for essay submission has already passed and the student is left with a worthless piece of paper.

There are problems with every single aspect of this writing service and we urge students to not make the mistake of ordering from this company. Hopefully, after reading this review, you have sufficient reason to avoid getting assignment help from this writing service.