Review (Updated)

2.1 / 10 points

We were rather pleased with the work that this company passed over to us. We only ordered three pieces, but they hit their deadlines and the quality of the work was good enough to get a passing grade. The company is clearly run by a team of people that have English as their first language, and there is little more to be said about the quality of their work. They are not brilliant, but they are not bad either. They are not great when it comes to short-deadline orders, so beware of that fact if you need your work done quickly. They do far better with long-deadline projects.

One of the bothersome issues we had with them was that they achieve their lower levels (standards) by adding fluff to their work. They make a few reasonable points and then fluff up the rest of the word count. It results in a lower grade as per the price paid, but it also often results in the professors sending work back for amendments. Their revision service is very slow to the point where it is usually necessary for students to amend the work themselves, which is unfair since they paid this essay writing service to do the work.


The services they cover are in modules, and they explicitly say which modules they cover, and then at the end say they also do more. We found out they said this because they have a little bit of staff turnover now and again, which means some qualified people leave and some new ones arrive. They have writers that can complete projects stated below in this list.

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Public Economics
  • SPPS
  • CRM
  • Computer
  • Architecture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality
  • Operation Management
  • Business
  • Law
  • Fashion
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Culture
  • History
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Database
  • Nursing
  • English
  • Business
  • Environment
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • HR


The prices we have listed below are for first-class standard, 2:1 standard, and 2:2 standard. Those are the grades/scores you will get for your work if you order at those standards. The price you pay will depend upon the standard you require, and upon the deadline you set.

For your essay in 1 day, it will cost between $36.55 per page, $30.60 per page, and $25.50 per page. If you want your work within 30 days, it will cost between $14.73 per page, $12.33 per page, and $10.28 per page. They have a series of different prices that you may find. The ones we have given are representative of some of their highest and lowest prices.


There do not appear to be any regular discount codes. Instead, they seem to have discounts every now and again for different reasons. For example, they have black Friday discounts and Christmas discounts. At the time of writing, they have a 25% discount, which is one of their ad-hoc discounts for Easter.

Helpful Extras

They have discounts that are shown on pop-ups on their website. They give you a timely submission, which means they accept your order fairly quickly. They have 24/7 live support and they will cite with APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago citation styles.

The website has an annoying popup that may bother some people more than others. It is annoying if you are trying to read what is on the website, and it is even worse if you are trying to flip from page to page. Their customer service department is okay, but it is not online very often.

It seems to be rather limited, and you will often find yourself waiting around for an answer. It is not the sort of company you should choose if you need your essays or answers quickly.