Beware of Scam Assignment Services

When you decide to order an essay online, you can’t just pick a random service from the list of Google results. It’s important to hire a reliable service; otherwise you put yourself at risk of encountering an essay fraud.

The academic writing industry is very productive. Hundreds of students want to buy papers on a daily basis, since their professors burden them with too many assignments they are not capable to complete. In such situation, they have only one option: they pay a professional writer to do the work for them. There are many successful writing services that meet the requirements of students. However, the potential of this industry attracts many people to conduct essay scams.

If you’ve never encountered an essay services fraud, you’ve been lucky. These fraudulent services don’t deliver what their customers ask for. Here are some possible outcomes for students who place orders at such websites:

  • The services don’t deliver high-quality content. They claim to have hired professional writers with knowledge and experience, but the students get below-average quality that isn’t worth paying for.
  • Some essay scam websites deliver plagiarized content. The paper may seem fine when you get it, but you’ll realize it’s not unique when you run it through a plagiarism search engine. Even if the content is paraphrased to avoid the detection of a plagiarism search engine, your professor may still notice that the ideas and arguments in the essay are not unique. That would get you in real trouble.
  • Some companies take students’ money and never deliver the work. You may get a refund if you contact the credit card company, but you’ll definitely miss the submission deadline for the essay.
  • Some companies miss deadlines. They guarantee to get the paper done on time, but they fail to meet the expectations.

Now, the question is:

How can you recognize an essay services scam?

There are few details that give away a dishonest company. That’s why you have to be really diligent when checking the website of a certain service before hitting the order now button.

1. The prices. Are they too expensive or too cheap? You want to stay away from these two extremes. The companies that are unreasonably cheap when compared to most other websites don’t deliver high-quality work. If, on the other hand, a certain company is trying to convince you that you need to pay a much higher price than average to get a good paper, you should know they are lying. There are plenty of reasonably-priced companies you can trust, so stick within the average.

2. The policies. There has to be enough information about the types of products, guarantees, and support system. Read the terms and conditions to make sure your investment will be protected.

3. The customer support system. Check if the agents are available via live chat, since that’s the most convenient way to contact the support. Reliable services also offer other contact options, such as phone and email. Test the live chat feature to see if you’ll get immediate answers. Ask specific questions, such as: can you find a writer from the area of sociology? What degree does he have? Will I be able to contact my writer? Can you guarantee he’ll get the work done on time? If you get the impression that the agent is copy-pasting answers without even understanding your questions, feel free to proceed with your search elsewhere.

4. Copywriting and paraphrasing services. The companies that include these services in their offer aren’t reliable. Remember: you want to work with degreed writers who can complete unique work under your instructions. Even if the company guarantees 100% plagiarism-free content, mentioning paraphrasing in the list of services is a red flag.

5. Reviews. You should always check what real users think about the service you’re about to hire. When you rely on the experience of someone who has already tested that company, you’ll have an impression of the quality and convenience it’s capable to provide.

Now that you have the information you need, you can safely start your search for confidential writing services.