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Have you heard of a company called Treat Assignment Help? Before we were asked to write our review, we hadn’t heard or come across this writing service. That was strange in the beginning since the company seems to have plenty of TreatAssignmentHelp reviews online. Unfortunately, most of them are from unsatisfied customers, so from the start, we knew not to expect a lot from this service. Even so, we decided to give them a chance, hoping that they’ll surprise us. Keep reading this Treat Assignment Help review to learn what happened.


Recently we reviewed a company that was very vague about their prices. As soon as we saw the ‘pricing request form’ from this service we figured one important thing out – this is probably the same company. How do we know that? Well, it appears that their system for ‘asking for the price’ is the same as that of StudentsAssignmentHelp, and not only that! The form itself is the same entirely, starting with your options to the full list of services in the exact same order, even.

When we received the email with the quote, which to our surprise came faster this time, we realized that we are dealing with the same people. The entire email was the same, word for word, with the only difference being the quote.

At this point, we should tell you that has around 10 different services to offer you. They have the most generally ordered ones such as essays and term papers. You have the option ‘other’ if you have something else you need, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll accept your request.


As soon as we realized who is behind this company, we knew what kind of quality we can expect. We ordered the paper hoping that we’ll get a better writer this time. However, once again, we were disappointed. All those turned out to be realistic.

This company plagiarized some of the paper – again, but they did something else that was disappointing, too. They also delayed the delivery for almost an entire day, which is unacceptable in the academic world. This alone made us eligible for a full refund based on their guarantees and promises. Even so, we were never refunded and didn’t even get an apology.


The company is truly secretive about the prices for papers. You can see the price in the calculator on the site, but that’s not the final quote you’ll pay. You need to fill out a form on the homepage telling them what you need, when you need it for, and share all the details you have about your assignment to get the real quote.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it can be very frustrating for a student on a deadline. The quote came a few hours later in which time, the customer could have bought from a different, more transparent company.

Regardless, we liked the quote. We were told that it came with a discount, but how can we know if this was true? It was still higher from what we saw in the calculator even with their ‘discount’.

Still, we decided to give it a go since this service is very cheap when compared to others.

However, with poor quality and delays in delivery, no discount makes it worth it.


Brace yourself for this – TreatAssignmentHelp decided to create discounts for COVID! This was the most ridiculous offer we’ve seen so far, since what does the pandemic have to do with this company and what they do? Apparently, because of COVID, students can get up to 30% discount on this website. It’s as if the pandemic affected the academic writing process.

But, here is the trickiest part. From what we could read in Treat Assignment Help reviews, the discounts up to 30% have always been mentioned on the website. The only issue is that no one has left a TreatAssignmentHelp review saying to have claimed a 30% discount. Since the site does not offer any details on this, we can’t really know how you can get that kind of a price reduction.

We can’t know whether or not you’ll get a discount and how you can get it because of their strange pricing policy.

Helpful Extras

On the website, you can read some samples in a dedicated page for samples. There aren’t many of them and the ones that are there are pretty simple – something that would fit the lower academic levels. We didn’t find anything that would be a good fit for university students or higher levels of college, which isn’t a good sign. We also found many errors in the writing. It is as if they didn’t bother to proofread their work before publishing it as a sample.

Other than this page, we didn’t find anything else that could indicate what you can expect from this website. There’s also no information about any extras.

Final Thoughts

Treat Assignment Help is not a widely known company and those who have used it don’t often have great things to say. It’s no wonder – they present one price but end up charging another, and are very vague about the things they offer on the website. Based on what we got from them, we can’t recommend this company.