Top 10 UK Universities In The University Rankings


Choosing which universities to apply to and then eventually picking one to actually attend is arguably one of the biggest educational decisions you will ever make in your life. You want to make sure that the place your spend between three and seven years is the perfect institution for you, so take a look at the ten best UK universities that made it on the official university rankings.

1. University Of Cambridge

Cambridge was the highest-ranking UK university on the list, coming in at number four. It’s the perfect place for a budding academic, but something to bear in mind is that it came top of the list for most expensive student cities in which to live.

2. University Of Oxford

Close behind was Oxford, a beautiful collection of colleges in the beautiful city of learning, rich in history and rich in culture. Only the very best are chosen to attend Oxford, so you can consider yourself extremely lucky if you are offered a place to study!

3. University College London

UCL has been the learning home for a wide variety of students from Alexander Bell to Ricky Gervais! The campus is in the delightful location of Bloomsbury, with the British Museum just a stone’s throw away.

4. Imperial College London

Imperial is a great university to pick if you want great professors but also a great location. Close to all of the best London sights, Imperial is a top choice for medicine, sciences and engineering.

5. University Of Edinburgh

If London isn’t your favourite choice for a place to live, then why not head up north and try out Edinburgh instead? The beautiful city is home to an excellent university, once attended by figures such as Gordon Brown, Chris Hoy and Lord John Russell.

6. University Of Manchester

Staying in the northern end of the country, the University of Manchester has always held a stellar reputation for a wide number of subjects from science, English and drama to more modern things like film studies.

7. King’s College London

Back in London for number seven, King’s College is the fourth oldest university in England and has been the chosen place of study for many historical icons such as John Keats, Florence Nightingale and Desmond Tutu.

8. University Of Bristol

Let’s not forget the great places of learning in the west of the country! Bristol University once boasted the one and only Winston Churchill as a chancellor, and interestingly is known to contain the “quietest room in the world’!

9. University Of Glasgow

Back up to Scotland again for the University of Glasgow, founded way back in 1451, and with over 700 bars and pubs in the city, you can certainly work hard and play hard at the same time!

10. University Of Birmingham

This prestigious Midlands university just makes it on to the list, with an impressive alumni list that features former British prime ministers Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin among other famous names.