4.2 / 10 points

Many students have the difficulty of handling their assignments. It may be because of time or energy constraints. For those working part time, it becomes very challenging to keep up with assignments. But sometimes, a student isn’t just feeling well and has to excuse themselves from the burden of assignments. Hence, the need for a reliable assignment help service. promises students the best offerings and services when it comes down to assignments. But in reality, they don’t achieve this as much. While they are not outright terrible, we don’t see them as top based on our review.

With the mushrooming of so many assignment help websites, students often fall prey to unprofessional firms out to rip them off. That is why reviews such as this are important to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Will it be a good idea for you to choose that writing service or not?

For this review, we are focusing on whether EssayHub is a reliable essay writing service or not. Should you trust it?


Essay Hub has very limited services in its offerings. And this raises eyebrows on whether they are a one-stop point for students’ assignments. A good assignment help service should have most, if not all services in its offerings.

On their website, you can choose among proofreading, editing, blog posts, editing, tutoring, and essay samples. As it turns out, we discovered that they offer you a few samples that can inspire your own writing through their tutoring process. We have to give it to them for this, as it can help students who want to improve their essay writing skills. Nonetheless, if you need an essay written, they can take on it and deliver a fully written paper.  

We made an order for an essay with a 24-hour turnaround time. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet this deadline, even though they claimed that they could. Thus, you can’t really count on them if you have a deadline that you need to beat for an assignment.


Quality is an integral factor that we looked at in this review. In terms of tutoring students to write better assignments, we found them to be quite professional. Students who went through their tutoring process appreciate that they became better writers than they were before. And we, therefore, have to give them a thumbs up for this.

Even when it comes to the quality of their essays, we can agree that they offer their in-depth professionalism. However, they can still improve on some technical assignments, as the one delivered to us wasn’t the best of qualities. In fact, it wasn’t even delivered on time.

The structure of the essay we received was rather illogical and different from the one that we had expected. There was a need for better analysis and use of better references within the article, which they didn’t achieve. The writer didn’t quite back up their content, hence, we requested a slight rewrite. The good news is that the rewrite is free.


Our EssayHub review couldn’t be complete without looking at the prices they charge students. There’s no clear price chart on their website. Therefore, it becomes a little hard to tell what exactly they charge for their services. And this can be a loophole for hidden or inflated costs to students.

You have to sign in to the website to get the pricing, which to us seems unnecessary. When we finally got the pricing for the essay that we needed, it was on the higher side. We knew that we could get similar work at a lower price through other assignment help services.

For instance, for masters and PhD levels of assignments, you will have to part with whopping sums of money. This is a sharp contrast from other sites that would just charge a fraction of the cost and still offer you great quality.

Again, the problem with signing up before making a decision is that they already have your details such as email address. They can do with it as they please.


What better way to lure students to your site than to offer discounts? The good news with this assignment writing service is that even when they have a high pricing for essays, they offer students discounts during the ordering process.

The more number of pages you purchase, the more discount you get in your order. This can be particularly helpful to students with a budget constraint. The only problem we saw with their discounts offerings is that it isn’t very clear. You can’t know for certain what they offer as discounts. In addition, there aren’t any welcome discounts or coupons for first time clients.

Even based on the reviews that we saw online, many students have raised their concerns about the welcome discount and general price cuts offered by the website. Many have challenged the site that even with the discounts, the prices still remain high and unsustainable.

Helpful Extras

By this point if you still have an interest in this writing service, we can give you some of their extra features. For instance, you get a free revision if you’re not satisfied with the work they deliver. This came quite in handy for us after they delivered a paper we weren’t fully satisfied with.

Also, they offer a plagiarism-free guarantee and proofreading services for your assignments. In addition to all of this, they claim that you get 100% security and transparency of personal data. Therefore, nobody will know that you use the site. Based on the Essay Hub reviews that we saw, people agree with the fact that the site has a number of useful features.

Final Thoughts

Even though Essay Hub has a number of positives, we still can’t rank it among the top assignment writing services. Some of the reasons that we are hesitant to do so include their high pricing, average quality content, and lack of an effective customer service team. Our final rating of this company is 4 out of 10.