UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk Review

2.1 / 10 points

UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk is an online assignment help service that provides assistance to both college and university students. On their website, they promise you the best services, which in reality is just empty talk.

They have a ton of offerings including essays, dissertation papers, and research papers. Regarding their website UI, at a first glance, you would think that everything flows smoothly. But when we took a closer look for the purposes of writing this review, we found plenty of flaws. First, the site has several omissions, in addition to the UI being overly complicated. Typically, a site like this should have a simple and straightforward UI, which is not the case.

On the UrgentEssayHelp website, you can’t even get a direct and easy way to place an order. Most of the other assignment help services that we’ve reviewed have a step-by-step guide on placing orders.

The other thing that didn’t sit well with us is the fact that there aren’t samples for students to refer to before placing an order. This makes it rather difficult for first timers to trust the service with their assignments. The samples would normally help you check on the quality that the site offers.

Even though Urgent Essay Help has an online calculator, which is pretty standard for most assignment writing services these days, it doesn’t quite work. On our attempt to calculate the cost of a 10-page essay, we didn’t get the price we were supposed to pay before placing the order. This beats the logic of having a price calculator.

One other thing that we didn’t like about this service is that they don’t place short biographies of their writers on the site. This would go a long way in building confidence in the customer when they see that the writers have advanced credentials. So, do you want to know more about this essay service? Well, continue reading our UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk review.


You might be tempted to believe that Urgent Essay Help offers a wide scope of services when you take a quick glance at their website. In reality, they barely even offer enough. It is just an illusion that they are a one-stop point for everything assignment.

What you get with this essay writing service is actually the bare minimum. And that is why we don’t find it fit to serve students based on our UrgentEssayHelp review.

But what about the writers? Are they professional? Do they submit assignments on time? First of all, as we had hinted in the intro, there aren’t short biographies on the writers available for the public to view. Furthermore, on our 10-page essay trial, we found out that the writers are anything but professionals. Not only did they delay with our assignment, but also provided work that had duplication in it. Even though we got a rewrite courtesy of the company, we are still swayed to believe that they lack professionalism in their services.


We set out to prove how qualified Urgent Essay Help is to write students’ assignments. Our 10-page essay was on electric vehicles and climate change. Even though it’s not a complicated essay to write, what we got back didn’t please us.

The work had plagiarism in it, and it didn’t have the proper flow that we had anticipated. This was almost laughable coming off of a company that claims quality on their website. They even didn’t match the 48-hours deadline that we had set for them. Then we wondered if they couldn’t complete a simple essay like this on time and with the correct format, how about more complex assignments?

We must conclude that the final result of the assignment we ordered disappointed us completely. And for a fact, we can say that they offer low quality essays/assignments.

In fact, many other UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk reviews centered on the poor quality of their papers. No wonder they don’t place any biographies of their writers on the website pages. It could be that the essays/assignments aren’t written by people holding MA or PhD degrees, like is the case with top assignment writing services.


There’s no clear price chart that you can access on the Urgent Essay Help website. This made us wonder whether this is a plot to impose hidden charges on students. They just have a starting price for their writing service, which is merely vague. Plus their price calculator is anything but a price calculator.

When we made our order for the essay, we received a hefty bill that they couldn’t really account for. And this is a bit unfair, bearing in mind that accountability and transparency should be part of any credible essay writing service.

Our claims on prices not being transparent are closely backed by other Urgent Essay Help reviews we found online.


For students, discounts are incentives to place an order. This is especially the case when it’s their first time visiting a website. Based on our assessment, UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk doesn’t offer students any discounts. Whether it’s your first time, or you are a returning client, there’s no discount available for you. We found that for many students, this would be a total turn off.

Helpful Extras

The only helpful extras that we found available for this service was their free revisions, thorough proofreading, and plagiarism-free content guarantee. But they barely keep their promises because we didn’t get a plagiarism-free paper for one. Well, they did offer the free revision, but why didn’t they just proofread the content well to avoid such mistakes? We found this to be very unprofessional.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have come to the end of this review, we have to give you our honest piece of advice: don’t take their services. We say this because they lack the professionalism, transparency, and quality expected from a top assignment writing service. Besides, they have very high prices for practically low-quality results. So, our final rating of the service would be 2 out of 10!