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It’s no secret that students often seek essay writing help. What may come as a surprise, however, is the fact that getting such help has become increasingly difficult in recent years.

This is due to the proliferation of scam essay writing services that are only out to make a quick buck at the expense of students who are already struggling with their workload. One service that has particularly come under fire lately is Let’s take a closer look at this service and find out why it has garnered such negative reviews from students all over the internet.

First and foremost, EssayPro is not a writing service in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it is more like an auction site where you can place your essay writing project up for bid and wait for writers to start placing their bids.

This system may work well enough if you’re lucky enough to find a good writer, but it’s also fraught with the risk of getting scammed by unscrupulous writers who will take your money without delivering the promised results.

What’s more, even good writers on the platform often deliver subpar work because they know that the bidding system means that they will be paid very little for their efforts. Due to this, the writers have no incentive to do a good job on your essay.

In short, if you’re looking for the best essay writing service, you’re better off going with a traditional writing service that will pair you with a good writer and give you a money-back guarantee. In writing this review, we dug deep into the site to understand how they operate and what kind of quality you can expect from them. Here’s what we found out.


When you land on this writing site’s homepage, you will notice that the service offers a slew of academic papers, including essays, research papers, case studies, term papers, dissertations, and more.

However, the one thing that this service is missing is a clear and concise list of all their services. This made it very difficult for us to figure out what exactly they could help us with.


Unfortunately, the lack of a clear list of services offered is not the only issue we had with this service. The other big problem is the quality of the essays they deliver.

During our research, we found multiple reviews from students who were unhappy with the quality of the papers they received. Some said the papers were full of grammar and spelling errors, while others said that the papers were plagiarized.


If you’re looking for cheap essay writing help, this service is not the place to go. Just check any EssayPro review on a reputable site and you’ll surely agree with us. The bidding system they use means that you will pay more for your paper than you would with a traditional writing service.

For example, we found that the lowest bid for a 5-page essay was $50. This is far more than what you would pay for a similar paper with a traditional writing service.


Another big issue with the service was the lack of real guarantees. The company says they have a money-back guarantee, but so many conditions are attached to it that it’s practically useless.

For we ordered an 8-page research paper and asked for a refund when we received a plagiarized paper. The company denied our request and told us that what we could get was only a partial refund. In short, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the paper you receive; don’t expect to get your money back.

Customer Support

We did see many negative Essay Pro reviews due to their support and so, we wanted to confirm these claims ourselves. And, the final straw that led us to believe that Essay Pro is not a legit writing service came when we tried to contact their customer support.

The company does have a live chat option, but we got automated responses each time we tried to contact them. When we finally got hold of a real customer support agent, they were very unhelpful and told us that we would just have to wait for our writer to deliver the paper.

All in all, this service is not a writing service we would recommend. The quality of the papers is just too uncertain, and the prices are way too high. If you need essay writing help online, we recommend you go with a more reputable and transparent service.

A Few Positives

While we didn’t have a great experience with this service, we found a few things we liked about the service. For example, the site does have a blog section. Here you’re sure to can find helpful articles and guides mostly on essay writing.

The site also offers free revisions. This is a good thing, however, the revision policy is very strict, and you have a very short timeframe to request a revision.

Finally, we appreciate the fact that this writing service offers a variety of different academic papers. However, as we mentioned before, the quality of these papers is very uncertain.


In conclusion, we would not recommend this site to students looking for reliable and quality essay writing help. The company has too many issues, from the quality of their papers to the lack of customer support.

If you want a writing service you can trust, we recommend you take the time to compare different services before making a decision. This may take some time, but at least you will have genuine hopes of finding a good writing service that will meet your needs.