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3.3 / 10 points

*Update 2022: To us, any service that offers rewriting services is not a good choice. still includes that service in its offer. Unfortunately, the quality hasn’t gotten any better since we last reviewed the company. Its customers still complain about plagiarism and paraphrased content even if they pay for writing from scratch. We noticed that the website has many more pop-ups since we last reviewed it. That’s annoying. Other than that, nothing changed… at least not for the better. 

FAQ about

  • Is AssignmentHelpOnline legit?

It’s a legit service in the sense that it has the right to offer assignment writing assistance. But is it reliable? Absolutely not; the quality here is really low and not worth the price.

  • What is the best assignment help website?

If you’re looking for the best assignment writing service, you shouldn’t look in the direction of AssignmentHelpOnline. If you’re looking for agencies that deliver great value for your money, we recommend you to check our reviews on RushMyEssay and BrillAssignment.

Detailed Review

We gave them a series of essays to complete. Two were for liberal arts and one was for biology. We were pleased with the work they did on the liberal arts essays, but the biology essay was severely lacking. It appears that they have a very limited staff number. It means they do not have the talent to write essays on all subjects. They clearly have a history writer because the history piece was of good quality, but the rest of their work was not as we expected.

We liked the video on the homepage because it shows you how to make your order without having some goober stand there and talk at you. They use a cartoon and written diagrams explaining how it works, which is a trend we feel the rest of the essay writing service industry should follow. We did find that their website was easy to use.

The company has been in business since 2014 and has had a rough time with its online reputation. We cannot say that you should rule this company out if you are thinking of using essay writing services, but maybe give them a few more years to get their business figured out and organized before you trust them with a bigger or more important project.


They only have a limited range of services, but they are growing as time goes on. There is a chance that in time they will be able to offer a full range of services. If you are not sure they are able to perform the task you require or give you the service you need, then contact their customer service department and find out if they are able to do it for you. Here are the services we are sure that they offer:

  • Buy Essay
  • Custom Essay
  • Essay Help
  • Coursework Writing
  • Write My Essay
  • Essay Writing UK
  • Homework Help
  • Literature Reviews


They charge for a degree standard, a masters standard, and then any other level that you request. Their prices change depending on the level you request, and the amount of time you give them to complete your project. You can find a full range of their prices on their website.

As an example, if you want your assignment in 10 days at degree standard, it will cost you £15.95 per page. If you want it in 10 days at the masters standard, it will cost you £25.17 per page. If you want your assignment in 3 hours at the High School standard, it is £35.94 per page.


We scoured their website to look for discounts and couldn’t find any. We made contact with them before we made our orders to find out if they had any discounts. They told us that they do not believe in discounts, but that they would be willing to negotiate if we do not like their quotes.

Helpful Extras

They allow you to use UK writers for your project, and they guarantee academic writing. They get most of their orders done on time and they have a series of essay options. There are a few other extras that you can apply for when you make your order, but you should speak with their customer service department first.

We spoke with a number of other students that had used the service, and their responses were mixed, to say the least. If you are planning on using this company, then we recommend that you try a smaller project first to see if they are able to handle your subject correctly.

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