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*Update 2022: When we were reviewing EduBirdie, we were worried about the lack of safety that the website offered, and now it’s strange even more as they changed its name from UK EduBirdie to Essays EduBirdie for unknown reasons.

Still, your satisfaction depends on your choice of writer. The company will only make sure that you get the content. If you don’t like it, the team won’t do much about it. Our review is relevant; nothing has changed from the moment we purchased that paper from the old name company. 

FAQ about

  • Is EduBirdie legal?

Yes; is a legit service. However, you should know that you’re practically dealing with freelance writers, which you hire yourself. The company offers some level of protection, but you can’t be sure you’ll get perfect work every time.

  • Is EduBirdie safe?

You can’t be 100% sure that you’ll get good work on time. It all depends on the writer that you hire. So we wouldn’t say that it’s the safest service out there.

  • How good is Essays EduBirdie?

It’s as good as the writer that you hire. In our case, the writer was decent and delivered good work. But we received several reviews from students complaining about the quality they got.

  • How much does an EduBirdie essay cost?

You can’t know for sure. The minimum is £14.60. However, you can expect the writers to bid much higher than that. If you want to hire the most qualified writer, the price won’t be cheap.

Detailed Review

When it comes to privacy protection, guarantees, quality, and support, EduBirdie is a good writing service to choose. The website is attractive and appealing to look at and the fonts, graphics, and images are clean and easy to see. We liked how easy this site was to navigate, though a more comprehensive menu would have been nice.

Unfortunately, the site makes it hard to find the terms and conditions and students may have to contact the support team for them. This makes it hard to know exactly what to expect when making an order from the site. The disclaimer is at the bottom of the page and is sort of helpful.

The paper we ordered from Essays EduBirdie was delivered by the deadline and was a decent piece of work. The writer was clearly a professional and was able to follow our directions well. For most assignments, this site is a good choice for a variety of students.

EduBirdie Services

In addition to an essay, this site is a great option for students looking for a diverse selection of assignments. Each of them is completed by an educated writer with experience on the subject and topic. Students can choose from the following types of assignments:

  • Coursework
  • Capstone projects
  • Dissertation services
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Math problems
  • Research papers
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Term papers
  • Thesis services

In addition to the nice selection of services, there are writers well versed in a variety of topics. That includes both the basics and things that are a bit more complicated. We think this site would be a good choice for most students.


We ordered an essay from Edu Birdie. Since it’s a bidding service, we had to spend more than an entire day interviewing writers. We placed the order at night, so we waited for the following day to get some bids.

The problem is that all writers were bidding way higher than the starting price. The most affordable offer we got was £28 for a deadline of 10 days. That’s a lot. We hired a writer who came to us with a bid of £31 per page. He seemed to have the best experience.

The quality of this essay was decent. The writer didn’t have the full 10 days to work on it since we wasted time and hired him a bit later. But he still delivered the content on time. It was good. However, the price was way higher than what we’re used to paying for this level of quality.


Unlike other sites, you must log in or sign up for the service before you can make an order. That means sharing an email address before being offered a price quote. This is frustrating and makes it easy to see why students often choose other sites. More students would want to order if there was a pricing structure provided on the site.

Despite this, students can expect the final cost of an assignment to vary in price based on a few factors. This includes the academic level of the paper, the length and, the deadline. A shorter deadline costs more than a longer one, for example. The prices are fairly competitive, but again are hard to find without signing up for the service. The site does say that prices start at £14.60 per page.


No discounts are offered since students must inquire before being offered a quote. The site may offer occasional discounts or deals to customers, but there isn’t anything listed as a promotion on the site, which is something many other similar sites do.

EduBirdie would likely get more customers if there were ways to save money. Many sites are successful when they offer loyalty discounts or deals on multiple orders. Without this service, many students may choose to go elsewhere for their assignment help.

Helpful Extras

The site does offer a 100% guarantee to be plagiarism-free. Students can be sure they are getting an original paper with every order. Students also have the option of choosing one of the top writers to do their work. They can also supervise the entire process and only pay for the parts that meet their guidelines.

The customer support team is ready to assist students anytime and can answer questions about the service. The site is appealing and easy to use but isn’t as convenient as the other ones out there. It might be the right choice for students who want to set up an account but isn’t the best option when it comes to speed.


  1. Robert Reply

    This website, in my experience, is user-friendly and has professional writers. They politely respond to you with any questions you may have. I’m grateful.

  2. Charlie Kelso Reply

    Not very good work quality! Some parts of my dissertation contain plagiarism, but I received it on schedule. I didn’t enjoy the bidding system because it wasted my time, among other things.

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