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The makes the clever move of promoting the fact they work around the clock. Many essay-writing services say you can have your essay in yet a few hours while failing to realize that most students make their orders late at night. The makes it clear that they will happily complete your essay overnight and deliver it by morning if your needs demand. The team is made up of degree-holding writers with their first language as English. Most of them are team members, but the company has been known to hire freelancers.

When compared to the previous time we reviewed the service, there’s a change in the list of services (fewer options are available). For the sake of our updated Help4Assignment review, we ordered a paper to check if the quality is consistent.

Services charges for a series of different writing services. It’s mostly focused on writing, but assignments and presentations are available, too.

This is the general Help4Assignment list of services:

  • Essay Writing
  • Dissertations & Thesis
  • Coursework
  • Personal Statements
  • Proposals
  • Assignments
  • Presentations

To see a full list of the content offered, you’ll need to access the order form. There, the first step asks you to provide your full name, email, mobile number, and subject of the paper before you proceed. You’ll see the full list of services in the next step. What if you need a very specific assignment that Help4Assignment doesn’t enlist? Nothing; you’ll have to search for another website, but you’ll still keep getting email messages from this one.

Quality reviews are relevant only when they share the first-hand experience with the writers.

When we saw the average price, we realized it’s in the range of some of the good services we’ve tried. So we expected this company to meet our standards, too.

The writer was a native English speaker, but she didn’t seem to have any previous knowledge from social sciences (the subject area we chose). The essay wasn’t based on extensive research. It only featured general information on the topic and failed to deliver convincing arguments. You know; the stuff you find on Wikipedia. It wasn’t too bad in terms of structure and grammar, but we expected much more creativity.


You may alter your price to suit your needs. For example, you may set a longer deadline, which will dramatically lower the amount you have to pay in total. You may choose a higher academic standard for your paper, whereupon you will have to pay a higher fee.

A three-day deadline will cost you in the region of $23.70 per page. For the deadline of 24 hours (the shortest option available), you’ll pay around $26.70 per page. Why do we say around? There is a price calculator at the bottom of the homepage that you may use to figure out your personal quote for your essay or project. But this calculator does not include a quality level. It gives you the starting price. For a final price, you’ll have to access the order form and provide personal information before you even get to that step. We don’t appreciate such inconveniences when we only want to see how much paper costs.


The writing company does not offer discounts. They set their prices to the level their writers require and that is all they do. If they were to lower their prices, then they would have to hire cheaper writers, which would dramatically lower the overall quality and output of their business. You may get in touch with the company via their live chat function that appears on the bottom right of the homepage, or you may call them, or there is an email address you may use to make contact. Ask if they can give you a discount; maybe you’ll get lucky.

Helpful Extras

If you are having trouble accessing the website, or you cannot click on one of their links, then try the website on Chrome or Firefox. If you are still having trouble, then their website is probably down again and you will need to wait from them to reinstall the links. There are times when their chat function becomes the online live object on the page where everything else cannot be clicked or moved.

Bottom line, Help 4 Assignment is an okay service in terms of quality if we’re talking about a high-school student. Our attempt to get something better from this service failed. 

Updated: 07/25/2019
1.6 / 10 stars