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EssayGeeks review
9.9 / 10 points

*Update 2022: It seems like is getting better with age. Since we tried it, we received many reviews by students recommending it. The prices are still the same. Although it became more popular, EssayGeeks kept its affordable pricing system.

There’s one thing that changed: the blog. It’s one of those elements that improve a lot as time goes by. There are many new articles that teach students how to make their life at university more convenient. 

FAQ about

  • Is legit?

Yes; is a reliable and legit writing service. It’s been available for several years, and we still haven’t heard any complaints about it. To us, this service delivered one of the best essays we’ve seen from a writing agency.

  • Is EssayGeeks a good service?

EssayGeeks is generally a good writing service. It has a great quality-to-price ratio. For a reasonable price, you get much better quality than what most other services deliver.

Detailed Review

When you’re after a British writing service and you want a tested and proven site, you’ll probably find a recommendation for The service is insanely popular. It’s one of the big players, and there are few factors that go to its advantage:

  • Versatile list of products that attracts all categories of students
  • Reasonable prices
  • A team of top essay writers with degrees from British universities

When you put it like that, it’s no wonder why students expect nothing but the best from Essay Geeks. But does the service deliver? We had to analyze and test the website. So we hired a writer to get essay writing help. 


The list of services is not too crazy. It doesn’t extend to job applicants and website owners, but it covers anything a student would need throughout high school and university.

These are the academic writing services:

  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Case study
  • Term paper
  • Book review
  • Movie review
  • Article
  • Article critique

Creative writing services are also available:

  • Short story
  • Speech/presentation
  • Critical thinking assignment

There are few business writing services in the list:

  • Financial analysis
  • Business plan
  • Statistics project
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing plan

MA and Ph.D. candidates can also use EssayGeeks for their projects. Plus, editing help is available for all types of content.


It’s easy to write an Essay Geeks review just by looking at a website. In that case, we’d have to say the service is good and that’s about it. We also checked several EssayGeeks reviews across different reviewing services, and they were also positive.

But we always want to share real experiences with our readers. You want to know how the service performs, so we tend to test how the teams write essays. That’s what we did with this agency, too.

Due to the affordable price, we expected the average results. We set a deadline of 12 hours, so we could also test the team’s speed.

The work was outstanding from every single aspect. This was an essay on modern art – a topic that can go very wrong when you don’t know what you’re talking about. The writer had a degree in art, so he knew exactly how to express an opinion about a piece without being offensive to the artist. We asked for criticism and that’s what we got.  


The first thing that attracts students towards a writing service? – The quality they expect to get. We already covered that aspect in this review, so we know that students get what they expect.

We know that you deserve high quality, but are you able to afford it? You should be! And when we compare the prices of this service with the trends in the industry, we can say they are affordable.

The quality levels are Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The urgency ranges between 10 days and 3 hours.

If you buy an essay and choose the longest deadline, it will cost you £15.32, £16.85 or £18.38 per page, depending on the chosen quality. The shortest deadline comes with prices of £32.18, £33.71 and £40.61 per page.

At many websites, the prices go above £50. So yes, it’s safe to say that is on the affordable side. 


As always, we’re happy to see discounts in addition to the pricing system, which is already affordable. 15% off – that’s the discount you get for being a first-time customer. This means that if you order an essay of Premium quality and you choose the deadline of 3 hours, the price will be £28.65 instead of £33.71 per page. If you order 3 pages, you’ll pay £85.97 instead of £101.13. We’re talking about a major difference in price.

The policy for loyal customers is also beneficial. When you reach above 15 pages throughout all orders you place, you start getting the first lifetime discount of 5%. Once you order 101 pages at the site, you’ll get a permanent discount of 15%. For students who regularly order content online and choose to rely on a single platform, it’s easy to achieve such a loyalty status after several projects.   

Helpful Extras

Is it possible to get even more value for your money at this website?

Yes. All orders come with free add-ons: plagiarism check, outline, title page, bibliography, formatting, and amendments (provided upon request). If you choose Premium or Platinum level, your order gets a high-priority status, and the paper will get an advanced plagiarism check before delivery. Standard orders are completed by MA authors, and Premium and Platinum orders are usually covered by writers who hold a Ph.D. degree. At the Platinum level, the writers have over 5 years of experience.

There are paid extras, too: VIP support, VIP service package, proofreading by the editor, and order fulfilled by the top 10 writers.

After conducting the research for our EssayGeeks review, we realized that this is a service that students can trust and order an essay without any doubts.


  1. Rida Rosario Reply

    I am very positive about EssayGeeks. I got a couple of literature essays, and they were good enough for my academic level.

  2. Thomas Reply

    I do suggest this website for paper writing with complete satisfaction. In my experience, this website only uses authentic writers who offer original work free of grammar or plagiarism. Students find it very useful for their assignments.

  3. Juliaed Wards Reply

    I was so happy when I received my assignments from this website. It was delivered on time and exactly as I had specified. Furthermore, the services are inexpensive because I used a website-available coupon.

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