stateofwriting review
1.5 / 10 points

Many assignment writing services are renowned for the quality of their service or writing. However, is relatively unknown. They are not a popular writing service as they were established recently. Their website was set up in 2021. Although, there have been reports of their operation for some time now. We decided to dig deeper to see what customers could expect from this writing platform.

When we landed StateOfWriting home page, it was clear that they had put a lot of work into their website. It’s a classic-looking, professional website but has many pages. These pages are filled with samples of their work. Generally, they look okay and well-written. There’s a lot of content on the home page telling you why you should hire apex to write your next essay.

There’s also a review page that has positive reviews from students that have previously ordered the website’s service. Finding only positive reviews is not necessarily a sign of good faith for an online company. The best option for you is to check for honest reviews at reliable external sources such as

In this StateOfWriting review, we intend to look at the quality of service including the amount of support available on the website. If you want to learn about our experience ordering an essay paper from this writing service, keep reading.


StateOfWriting does not have the largest list of services out there. So far, State Of Writing offers 10 services to visitors and students. They include academic paper writing, rewriting, copywriting, proofreading, admission services, dissertation services, resume/CV services, and so on. Depending on which type of service you want, there are different papers to choose from. The website promises a lot and it’s difficult to see if they have writers to back up their claim. That’s why we went on to place an order for an essay.


Now, we’ve come to the most important part of our review. To test the quality of service at StateOfWriting, we placed an order for an essay. We requested a 3,000 Master’s research paper with APA formatting. We went further to set a deadline of 3 days. So, how did they do?

We’ll put it simply. The writing service delivers bad essays. If you are attracted by the low prices and numerous discounts, you’ll be disappointed at the quality of the writing. Don’t be deceived by the positive reviews on the website. The essay was full of errors. It seemed like StateOfWriting had hired cheap underpaid writers. The entire research paper was riddled with poor English construction.

There were other things wrong with the essay. Despite their timely delivery, they seemed to fail at everything else. None of the instructions for the essay were followed. It had poor formatting. There were no relevant sources. Three sources were mentioned in total which is an insufficient number for a master’s-level paper. The 11 pages of the research paper were filled with mistakes and plagiarism. We found 42% plagiarism on all 11 pages. That’s too much plagiarism for a paid service.


The prices offered at the State Of Writing are relatively low. Their rates aren’t excessively low, but they are below average. When you combine their low prices with the numerous discounts on their website, it can be too tempting.

The lowest you can pay for any essay on the writing service is £12 per page. This applies to most academic papers on the website when set for a 14-day deadline. Even when you choose to write advanced papers, you’d pay the same price as a college student. We found this pricing system absurd. The only factor that affects the pricing is deadline and type of service.

We made an order for a 3,000 Master’s research paper with APA formatting. For a 3-day deadline, we were charged, £250.49. There’s a chance we could have paid even lesser if we wanted a bulkier paper.

If you request admission services on this writing platform at a 14-day deadline, you’ll be charged £12 per page. Popular writing services charge this same service at £21 per page. If you want your admission paper the next day, you’ll have to pay £30.


StateOfWriting fails in the quality of its writing. But they offer a lot of discounts too. For a relatively cheap service, it seems they don’t mind you paying lesser.

There are 4 main discounts available on the website:

  • Welcome aboard bonus offers new customers 20% off their total cost
  • There’s a 5% discount when you order a paper of more than 15 pages.
  • There’s a 10% discount when you order a paper of more than 50 pages
  • There’s a 15% discount when you order a paper of more than 100 pages

Helpful Extras

If you still want your essay written by, you should know that they offer a 24/7 service. They are also accessible from different countries around the world.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we’re at the end of this StateOfWriting review. We recommend that you choose another writing service. While they offer fake positive reviews, low prices, and numerous discounts, their work is filled with errors. There’s also a chance you could get penalized for plagiarism. We share similar reviews with other reviews. Our final rating for this writing platform is 1.5/10.