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*Update 2022: We hoped that by providing a fair critique of the aspects that don’t work about, the company would improve. That’s the point of our attempts. We want students to stay away from scamming services, but we also want the companies to improve their offers.

Unfortunately, that still hasn’t happened with Custom Writings. They improved their site design, but they haven’t hired better writers, haven’t dropped the prices, and still miss deadlines. The company is sliding lower and lower on our top list.

FAQ about

  • Is CustomWritings legit?

Oh boy; it’s not the most legitimate service you could hire. Sure; you won’t be breaking the law if you buy a paper here. However, the team is breaking promises by not delivering high-quality papers on time.

  • Is cheating? does not deliver good papers, and it’s known for missing deadlines. In our case, there was more than 30% plagiarism in the content. Plagiarism is considered cheating by university standards, and you will get called out for submitting such a paper.

  • Does Custom Writings deliver plagiarism papers?

Unfortunately, yes. We received a paper with a high level of plagiarism in it. Many other students have complained about the lack of uniqueness from this service.

Detailed Review makes many promises that don’t seem to stand. Despite their mentions of not good essay writing, but the highest quality writing, their reputation is really bad. This wouldn’t be the case if this company has been honest with its promises. Some of the many reviews about this service talk about their bad essay writing experts. Others completely reject the promise of the best writing by finding plagiarism in what should be a custom paper. It’s in their name, after all.

Still, we aren’t certain about the legitimacy of every Custom Writings review we read. This is why we always check each client’s feedback, plus test the service on our own to come up with a realistic conclusion. The details about our experience are right here in this review.


This part of our Custom Writings review went smoothly. The list is perfectly clear and quite broad. They have their services split into the following categories:

  • Academic writing
  • Admission writing
  • Additional services

The first category includes, of course, writing academic essays, but also papers like research and term papers, dissertations, reports, assignments, and even some projects. There are also capstone projects and grant proposals.

Admission writing combines everything you might need for your application for college or university. Finally, the additional services at include business plans, lab reports, academic ghostwriting, MBA assignments, reaction papers, and analysis.

This is satisfactory, but it can only work if Custom Writings delivers quality. Let’s see.


We requested a paper from CustomWritings by using their form. It’s a simple form, but a complex process. Our paper was delayed by a day and a half and we had no way of reaching our writer. For a student, this could mean a missed deadline, so they’d literally spend their money on nothing.

The even worse part was that the paper was badly written. It wasn’t just delayed, but also written by a person with poor English writing skills. In fact, it had poor writing skills, in general, considering that our scanner found over 30% plagiarism in a seven-page essay.

At this point, we understand why the reviews about Custom Writings are so low.


It is no wonder why the quality and reputation is so bad – the prices are ridiculously low! For a price of $10, you can’t really be expecting an experienced writer or a native English speaker to work on your paper. It’s simply too much and definitely doesn’t allow for the company to earn money.

This is exactly what their lowest quote is – $10 for a page. In every case where we’ve seen this kind of rate, the quality was very low. This company makes no exception.

To give you some idea of what the prices are like, here are some examples:

  • A high school essay with a 2-week deadline costs $10 per page
  • A Ph.D. essay with the same deadline costs $28 per page (to our surprise, it costs the same if you order it two months ahead)

You might be wondering what the more complicated papers cost. They usually cost more at most reputable companies. But, here it is much, much different. All remaining papers have the same prices as an essay, even the more complex ones like dissertations.


Some information on this website is described vaguely. One such example is the discount. The only thing mentioned here is the flexible pricing and a discount offered to a ‘returned customer’. You’ll find no information about this and the customer support isn’t very helpful.

We asked about the discount amount and were told that, if you want to get one, you need to reach out to the support. As a new customer, we weren’t entitled to one, since this is only an offer for returning customers.

So, we never learned about the discounts and from the reviews we read, they don’t have a loyalty program at all. There’s simply no one who mentions a discount, a code, or a coupon of any kind. It is safe to say that this is just a misleading marketing trick.

Helpful Extras

There are a few additional features you can select when you’re placing your order. These features are the following:

  • Smart paper with comments and tips included +20% on your order
  • Get writer samples at a cost of $5
  • Get a copy of the sources at a cost of $14.95
  • Progressive delivery +10% on your order (only available if you have a deadline longer than 4 days and a paper that costs over $200)

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  1. David Green Reply

    I had a negative experience with this website after being scammed by its low price. I received my order after the deadline with careless grammar errors. I regret using this website.

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