Ukwritershub review

*Update 2022: The company stopped its work in 2022 and does not provide any services anymore.

2.8 / 10 points

Most assignment writing services online that sell papers and other academic services look the same. They have similar pricing tables and special offers, as well as the same promises and guarantees. As soon as we opened the website of this company to write our review, we realized that they’ve taken a different approach.

This is not necessarily bad, but it turned out to be quite a hassle when we did this UKWritersHub review. The information on the website is poorly organized, making it impossible for visitors to understand what they offer and at what cost. For example, at some point, we read that you have to ask a quote. Later on the page, there’s a field where you can get an instant quote. So, which one is it?

It turned out that you can see your quote, but they can change it. They can add a small discount if you request it. This is nowhere mentioned in UKWritersHub reviews, so we didn’t know it until we tried. If you want to learn more about this company, keep reading our UK Writers Hub review.

Services offers customers a fairly limited range of services. You can order the following on this website:

  • Essay/ Reflective essay
  • Literature review
  • Dissertation/ Dissertation proposal
  • Report
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Law essay

Students will probably agree that this is a strange list. Why did they include law essays as a separate service and does it mean that you cannot order essays in other subjects? If you can’t, why is there an ‘essay’ choice in this list?

This list lacks some of the most frequently ordered assignments by students. Writers Hub doesn’t offer research papers, but they offer dissertations? They don’t have term papers, but do they have reports?

We also found other peculiar things when we researched for this UK Writers Hub review. You can order 1000 or more, but not less. There are three deadline options available for essays: 5, 7, and 14 days. For dissertations, there is less: 21 and 28 days for ‘pass’, but only 28 days for ‘merit’ and ‘distinction’. This doesn’t leave students with many choices.

Such restrictions are probably why there are not many UK Writers Hub reviews to be found online. Later on, you’ll learn that this company is not really cheap. Combined with this, we don’t see many being tempted to order here.


Considering how highly-priced this company is, the quality is far from good. UKWritersHub delivered a paper of average quality when we ordered a ‘merit’ paper for the Master’s level for 5 days.

For the high price we paid, we received poor quality. The paper was definitely not merit-worthy. It might have been enough for ‘pass’, but that’s far too much to pay for a paper that’s not worth a high grade.

We found some mistakes in it, a bit of plagiarism, and the quality was not great overall. This convinced us to speak to their support, who we could no longer reach on the phone. They never replied to the email.


The price they gave us was £183 for 1000 words, which is far from cheap. They threw in a small discount of 5% that didn’t change much when we requested it as new customers on the phone (you cannot reach them on live chat and they work limited hours only).

If we were to choose the option ‘distinction’ which would be an A-grade paper, we would have to wait 14 days for delivery. This is their fastest option for high quality, which is terrible considering that most students need papers fast. The price for it would be £213 for 1000, which is once again, really high.

Dissertations cost even more. If you were to choose the option ‘pass’ for a dissertation for the Master’s level and wait for 21 days, you’d still have to pay £163 for 1000 words. If you want a ‘distinction’ dissertation, you have to wait for 28 days and pay a whopping £250 for 1000 words.


There are no discounts listed at UK Writers Hub. You won’t be finding anything like this on the website. You can ask for one on the phone, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll provide it. You cannot know how big it will be unless you try, but keep in mind that they don’t work around the clock, so you might have to wait.

Helpful Extras

We were offered no helpful extras or any extras at all that you can pay for to get additional services. You cannot pick your writer based on past experience or get extra proofreading or assistance from their top writers. Basically, your only contribution to how your paper will go depends on what you choose for paper type, academic level, level of quality, and a number of pages.

Final Thoughts

We were really disappointed with the quality delivered by UK Writers Hub. This is a pricey service, to say the least. They charge too much for content and the quality is not fitting for those rates. We don’t see many students emptying their pockets to pay these rates, especially since there are limited options in terms of paper type and deadlines. If you want an A-grade paper, you have to pay a really high price.

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