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2.1 / 10 points was established in 2011 and has failed to take off since that time. This company was set up to help students succeed at admission and scholarship applications. Due to the nature of their business model, it has been difficult to review the nature of their service.

As soon as you log on to their homepage, you’ll find most of what you see on other websites. After taking a close look, it was clear they had no form of uniqueness. The website is trying to sell itself as a top essay writing company. But they lacked the necessary quality of service to back it up. They felt stereotyped. If you want an essay writing service with student-oriented services, look somewhere else.

It’s important to note that navigating and scrolling through the website was smooth. The website’s interface was well-designed. They included a lot of information about their service on the homepage. There was even a dashboard menu at the top of the page that made navigation simpler. But the problem is, we aren’t interested in a writing service that only has a fancy website. We want to know the quality and quantity of service available for students on this platform.

As we checked through the pricing of My Custom Essay, we found it appealing. At a starting price of £15 per page, many college students can afford it. At this price, do they offer reasonable services too? Affordable writing service does not mean that students have to pay for sub-par quality.

Let’s take a look at this review. We’ll be looking closely at their true nature and breaking down their services.


It’s easy to think that MyCustomEssay offers a long list of services, but this is not the case. Before making an order, students are to choose which type of service they want from the website. They can choose to either order writing, editing, or proofreading service based on their needs.

The writing service feels simple. They come up short in the types of essay services they offer. Just like other categories, there are only 9 essay writing services to choose from. They include; high school, college freshman, a college sophomore, master’s, and so on. Depending on which of the services you choose, there is a range of subjects that available on each of them. It’s difficult to tell if they have the expertise at their disposal to back up their claims. This means that this platform can only provide basic writing services and can never produce advanced papers.


After reviewing the type and quality of services on display in the order section, we decided to take a step further and test the quality of their work.

We requested a 3,000-word Master’s research paper with APA formatting. For a 3-day deadline, we were charged £310 which is pretty much the same price you’ll get from other websites in the same category. If you choose to select the “best expert” option to work on your essay, you will be charged more than £100 extra.

When the essay arrived, it was below average. For that price, we expected an “okay” essay with minor errors. However, we had to go through the entire content making corrections and changes. There is no way that students can use this type of writing service, especially with a tight deadline.

This MyCustomEssay review is not looking good for the platform. As of now, the essay writing service is rated to be well below average.


To put it simply, the pricing at MyCustomEssay is reasonable. It’s in the same category as what you will get from other writing services in a similar category. As stated earlier, they charged a 3,000-word Master’s research paper at £310 or £31 per page. The price would have been higher for a shorter deadline. But so far, it’s nothing too scary.

This website won’t allow you to make quotations without registering an account with them. Their tactic may seem like a good idea to convert visitors. But many people prefer to run quick quotations on a website to compare services with others.


This writing service does not offer any discounts to help reduce the prices of their service. More often than not, you’ll have to stick with the price offered by the company. We spoke with customer support about discounts and they requested a promo code. We were clueless about out how to get a promo code since it was our first time using the service.

Helpful Extras

If you are interested in hiring their service, they offer 100% original content. You won’t have to worry about facing a penalty for plagiarized content. Also, they claim all their work is suitable for academic purposes. So, your schoolwork is safe with them.

Final Thoughts

We have gotten to the end of this MyCustomEssay review. We would highly recommend that you opt for another essay writing service. While they offer attractively reasonable prices, their works are erroneous. It’s like they want you to spend more to hire their editing or proofreading services. Either way, the results are not encouraging. Our view is similar to other MyCustomEssay reviews. Our final rating would be 2/10.


  1. Butler Aidan Reply

    Awful experience! I’m shocked how can they charge so high for assignments that have been copied. I am disappointed.

  2. Reedgoos Sensusa Reply

    Fully scammed website. I have had a annoying experience with their unprofessional writers and useless work. They gave false assurances and offered no refunds.

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