4.5 / 10 points is not a company that you read a lot about online. We were wondering why that was when we started the research for this review. After a while, we figured it out. You couldn’t say that this company is very transparent, not really. They are secretive about their rates, vague about their guarantees, and by the end of our Students Assignment Help review, you will learn about the quality of service offered.

If you want to know more, make sure to read our StudentsAssignmentHelp review to its end.


Customers can see the full list of offers of the company when they request a quote. Unfortunately, the list of options is disappointing – and that’s an understatement. StudentsAssignmentHelp offers its customers 10 types of papers. As a customer here, you can buy the most common papers like essays, research papers, term papers, case studies, etc.

Even so, there is an option ‘other’ that you can select if you can’t find what you are looking for. There’s no guarantee that they’ll offer to write it for you, though, since we read some reviews from customers who were given a negative response when they sent a quote request on the site.


This was the most important part of our investigation of the service. After reading some really bad StudentsAssignmentHelp reviews, we couldn’t set our expectations high for this service. They didn’t deliver anything good, so all those testimonials turned out to be true.

At this point, since we had to wait for the quote to place the order (which took them over 24 hours!), and paying a quite high sum for the paper, we did expect something original. The only good thing about the paper was that it arrived on time. The rest of it was seriously flawed, and the biggest disappointment was the plagiarism. In this paper that we got, there was plagiarized content that went above 30%, which is definitely not acceptable.

As all those Students Assignment Help reviews suggested, the company doesn’t do well with complaints. After our horrendous experience here, we reached out to the support and immediately requested a refund. The agent on the live chat told us that they’ll get back to us as soon as possible. Days later, we tried reaching out to them on the phone number given on the site. They never replied to our message and we never received our email regarding the issue with the plagiarism and poor paper quality.


When we realized how long it takes for customers to get a quote here, we got the answer to our biggest question – why this company has such a small number of customers. Not many people are willing to stick around and wait for a day to get a quote. This company is very vague about their offerings, and not knowing what you’ll be charged every time you want to make an order is very frustrating.

Even so, we wanted to check what they offer and what we can get here, so we waited. It took them over one day to get back to us with a quote. The quote wasn’t too high, but it definitely wasn’t a low one. This isn’t one of those services that charge $10 per page despite the poor reputation and bad quality offered.

We paid over $20 per page for an essay with a deadline of a week. The price would be a good bargain as long as the company delivered good quality. Since we received something bad and plagiarized, and never even got a free revision, this is definitely not worth our money.


There are no discounts listed on the website for the obvious reasons – Students Assignment Help decided not to share their prices with others. When we approached them and asked for a quote, they sent us an email with what was supposed to be their original quote, and a small discount for us as newcomers. But, we’ll never really know if the discount was real, will we?

Helpful Extras

The entire website is very tricky to navigate, but it is full of samples. We took the time to go through them and, by viewing them, it became quite obvious that this website is not as professional as they say they are. Even the samples are too general, have many mistakes in them, and a lot of the content on the site makes no sense at all. It’s as if they decided to add more content to fill out their pages, but forgot about the most important thing – their guarantees, services and prices!

As for freebies like other companies offer (free title page, bibliography, etc.), there’s no such mention on the site. We got these included in the quote they sent, so once again, we don’t know if they were free or just came calculated in the price.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this was a bad experience for us. The company appears professional and promising at first especially since they make some general promises about quality and guarantees. However, if you look into it, their guarantees aren’t really detailed on the site. In our experience, this site is not to be trusted because they deliver copied content, take too long to tell you the price, and have bad support.