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*Update 2022: The one thing that we liked about EssayShark remains the same: students are still able to communicate with their writers. This is a nice foundation that could result in effective writing assistance. To this day, Essay Shark still hasn’t reached a point of credibility. Students still don’t trust it.

The problem is not with the concept, although it could be safer by offering better guarantees. The problem is that EssayShark doesn’t take the time to test its writers.

FAQ about

  • How much does EssayShark cost?

You never know. It’s a bidding service, so the writers are allowed to set their own prices. In most cases, they won’t bid lower than $19 per page. That price is higher than the one of competitive services; considering that they also give you discounts.

  • Is EssayShark a scam?

It’s not a complete scam service since the company doesn’t make any strong guarantees. You’re left to sort things out with your writer. However, you should keep in mind that the writers aren’t that good.

We recommend ordering from checked and trustful services like Brill Assignment or UK CollegePaper.

  • Is Essay Shark safe?

EssayShark is not one of the safest services we’ve tried. There are many issues, mainly with the choice of writers and the quality that they deliver. You can’t be sure that your order will be prepared on time, and you never know what kind of content to expect.

Detailed Review

When you land at the website of an online essay writing service for the first time, what do you want to see? It’s the price, right? Well, it’s something that you won’t find at this website. EssayShark does not feature specific prices, simply because there are no specifics with this agency. The final price is at the writer’s discretion.

Here’s how that works: once you place the order, you’ll look through the bids of different writers. Sometimes you’ll get plenty, but some projects will attract one or two writers so you won’t have much of a choice. It can be a cheap essay writing service, but it can also get expensive. The ordering process is long and boring. The saddest part is that it doesn’t deliver good results.

We tried and we don’t like the system. If you go through online EssayShark reviews, you’ll notice most of them pointing out the same weaknesses. But let’s get into the details. We placed an order and we offer a first-hand review for you! 


Since this is a bidding essay service, you can order any type of content and wait to see if anyone can complete it. If you need a highly unusual paper, the order form is flexible enough to let you order it. But most students opt for the usual services, which EssayShark definitely covers:

  • Essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Admission essay
  • Business plan
  • Book review
  • Creative writing
  • Coursework
  • Research paper
  • Thesis/dissertation chapter

A few other services are also mentioned in the form. There’s a category Other, and that’s where the flexible part is. The writers at EssayShark are freelancers, who can adjust to your requirements and write anything after they conduct brief online research. That’s not a good thing when you need top-quality content. Let’s get to that point.


Essay Shark makes big claims about having qualified writers in its team. It doesn’t. It takes one look at the Top Writers section to realize that these people have no idea what they are doing.

The writer who currently ranks first wrote this description: “Quality-driven writer who has 3 years of experience in handling assignments in all fields.”

Wait; what do you mean “in all fields?” How is it possible for someone to write great papers on topics from healthcare, law, marketing, politics, history, literature, business, and all other niches? It’s not possible, so we didn’t know what to expect from Essay Shark when we hired a writer there.

We ordered a book review. It was a complete disaster with no space for improvement. Can you imagine paying for top-level work and ending up with rewritten paragraphs from Amazon and Goodreads? Copyscape detected 37% plagiarism from these obvious resources. The paragraphs that weren’t detected as plagiarized were obviously paraphrased from the same sources.

You better imagine it, because that’s exactly what you’re getting when hiring EssayShark: paraphrased content that gets you in trouble. At this point, it’s obvious that we can’t give a positive EssayShark review. But let’s talk about the other details to see if we can improve this impression a bit.


There’s no minimum price mentioned at the website. This means that the writers at EssayShark can go really low when the writers start bidding. But you know what? They don’t. When these writers see a student trying to buy a paper online, they try to squeeze the most out of him. That’s because the service takes a huge part of what they earn.

We didn’t get bids below $19 per page for a deadline of 10 days. The writer we hired charged $27 per page, which is pretty expensive considering the fact that better services charge less.


There aren’t any discount offers at Essay Shark. If a bidder decides to give you a low price, they will. If you want to get the cheapest price, you can hire the bidder with the cheapest offer. You don’t want to do that, though. If a writer from EssayShark offers work for a low price, it means they are desperate to get your order. In most cases, the writer has zero experience working on the topic.

We recommend you to interview the bidders carefully if you decide to hire this service. Don’t be driven by the price! Most of the students who shared negative Essay Shark reviews chose the lowest bidder and made a huge mistake. 

Helpful Extras

The best part of our EssayShark review is a helpful extra: communication with the writer. The service developed a nice system that keeps you in touch with your author. You see the work in progress and you release progressive payments. This is supposed to prevent you from getting a flawed paper. In our case, however, the writer constantly promised to improve the quality and implement the changes we indicated. But we had to release payments for them to continue the work.

To wrap up our Essay Shark review, we have to warn you: don’t be tricked by the promises. Nothing works as this service claims. You’re not in total control of the process since the writers don’t bother to respond most of the time.

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  1. Josh Welsh Reply

    I was not completely satisfied with the work quality. But from the beginning through the timely delivery, the process ran smoothly.

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