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Locusassignments review
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*Update 2022: Several months after we made our initial evaluation of LocusAssignments, this review remains relevant. The prices are still the same, and they are very expensive. We had the chance to test several other services that match this level for a much more reasonable price. We constantly get reviews by disappointed students: they pay the high price expecting a massive difference. But they still get the usual papers. 

If you want to check other reviews that got a better rating, and are really great services with a high ratings and good quality.

FAQ about

  • Is Locus Assignments reliable?

We used this service and we got a good paper from its writer. However, it’s the level of quality that other services meet for a much more affordable price. LocusAssignments is reliable since it delivers what you expect, but it’s not the best choice if you’re after affordability.

  • Are the Locus Assignments prices reasonable?

With prices above £100, it’s not an affordable service. The cost would be reasonable for extraordinary quality. But we find that other agencies can match this level of quality for a much more affordable price.

  • Does Locus Assignments deliver the order in time?

When we tested this service, our paper was delivered a few hours after the deadline. Other students make similar comments: they get their content on not the time they expect it.

Detailed Review

There are many, many assignments writing sites out there and LocusAssignments ranks among the average in terms of quality, support, guarantees, and privacy protection. The site has several grammatical errors, lowering the confidence in terms of quality. It’s also a bit long-winded and requires a lot of scrolling.

One good thing on the site is its transparency. In addition to having easy-to-read and find policies and terms, the site does an in-depth job of clearly outlining everything it offers and what services it provides. Students should have all the information they need before they make an order.

We were generally happy with the essay we ordered. The writers on the site are well educated and happy to follow directions in terms of research and creativity. The work is original and good enough for a passing grade for most courses.


The list of services sets Locus Assignments apart from the pool of writing services. Instead of delivering usual essays and research papers, this team focuses on more specific assignments. This is what the list looks like:

  • Health and Social Care assignment;
  • Hospitality Management;
  • Retail Management;
  • Advertising assignment;
  • Software Development project;
  • Business Law assignment;
  • Organizational Behavior assignment, and more.

The list is categorized by subject. As for the type of assignment, you can order anything as long as you can find the subject in the list of categories the website covers.

You can also get help in research and proofreading. If you don’t need an entire assignment, you can still count on this service.


We made our own order at Locus assignment, so we could evaluate the quality. We opted for an essay with a topic from International Management. Since this area of study is a separate category in the offer, we expected a high level of professionalism.

The writer understood what we needed. We received a unique essay by the deadline. The price was very high, but the quality was good. It’s possible to get a more affordable paper of the same quality level. So if you don’t want to pay more, use the best assignment writing services from our top table.


One major drawback of this site is that it doesn’t offer a clear pricing structure. Instead of being able to browse the prices, a student must request a call back from a support member to get a quote for an assignment. This is frustrating and time-consuming and may drive students to a different site.

Like all other sites, the final price of an assignment depends on the urgency, the length, and the academic level. Students can discuss all of these factors with the support team when they receive a callback. However, the prices do tend to be higher here than other sites due to the specialized services offered by the experts there.

On the page where the services are listed, you can see quotes. They differ between types of assignments. Computing Skills assignment costs 130GBP, while Organisational Behavior assignment help costs 110USD. They don’t tell you the number of words or deadlines here, and the prices are provided in different currencies. We ended up paying more than the quote featured on this list for our type of assignment.


There doesn’t appear to be any discounts available on this site. Because students must wait for a call back from a member of the support team, this is something they can talk about at that time. There may be occasional discounts or promotions that students can take advantage of.

The site may reach more customers if they offered a loyalty program or discounts for repeat customers. Many other sites do this and would allow Locusassignments to stay relevant and competitive with the other paper writing sites. This would attract students on a budget and give them an incentive to order from the site.

Helpful Extras

While there are several drawbacks to this site, there are some perks that make it stand out. The site claims to offer tutors and dedicated research staff to provide services that some of the other sites don’t. This can be beneficial for advanced or complicated topics.

The site also offers several sample papers to show the style and type of work they do. This is helpful for students deciding on a service. Students also have the option of uploading assignments to the site for ease and convenience. Overall, the site is decent but isn’t as comprehensive and easy to use as some others. In other Locus Assignment reviews, real customers usually complain about the lack of transparency.


  1. Evan Barnes Reply

    I was forced to pay more than $200 for the paper I were not able to use for my class. This company is a real scam, do not even try to order from them!

  2. Leah Lam Reply

    I had a terrible experience with LocusAssignments. My lab report was awful and full of errors. They were not able to calculate everything either.

  3. Andra Reply

    They are the worst, even 1 star is too much for their services! just wasting your time and money! The work they do is by using templates or has already been submitted by other students! Don’t waste your money!

  4. Oana Reply

    I do not recommend! you pay to fail the exam. And if you tell them to fix it, they won’t. they will fool you by sending you the same work, without a word changed. also they will not give you the discount for refferals, in vain you try to contact them, because you will not receive any answer.

  5. Bianca Reply

    I pay for 3 merit 4 distinction and i receive only pass and i send so many times the feedback
    And one i fail and he don’t want to redo it.

  6. Mihaela Reply

    I really don’t recomand this guys from Locus assignments! Never ever.
    They are late always, deadline is for nothing for them.
    I am so disseponted about them and how less care and respect they show.

  7. D.G Reply

    I ordered an assignment for merit, I pay for merit and I got referred! they don’t want to give me my money back! be careful this is a scam.

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