2.9 / 10 points is an online service offering writing solutions for job seekers, high school and college students. The main website has a good layout, although the information provided is quite poor. We searched to look for essential information regarding the background of the writers, but we could not find anything relevant. They promise to offer high-quality papers written by experts in the field. However, we wanted to check exactly what types of degrees or experience these writers have. PapersForge seems like a legit writing service, but this is not enough in order to determine the quality of the services offered.

In case you are looking for the best assignment writing services UK that offer something special or something different, this is not the one. The information offered is general while they do not have any extras such as a free price calculator, or an instant chat option for questions and concerns.


What we absolutely did not like about this service is that they do not have a separate section describing the services offered. Papers Forge only enlists a few solutions such as Essay writing, Research paper writing, Dissertation, and “Anything”. We do not understand what they mean by “anything”, but we suspect they want to say that you can order just about any other type of paper that you need.

This is a completely honest and unbiased review and this is why we can reveal that they lack trustworthiness through the fact that the services offed are not enlisted. Also, the few services they offer are simply not enough to satisfy the needs and requirements of students in general. Typically, they need help with a wide range of papers, from homework tasks to lab papers and complex Thesis or Dissertation papers. The company also does not mention if they offer editing and proofreading services which are extremely important for any type of academic paper.


In order to offer you a complete PapersForge review, we have ordered a few papers from them to check on the quality offered. The writers sent the papers in time, but the problem was the content. Both papers we ordered actually contained plagiarism which is unacceptable as you may know. Also, the papers did not include all the quotes we suggested and they were not referenced well. Even several online reviews mention the fact that the writers did not create separate title pages or a bibliography page for the essays and research papers.

PapersForge reviews further reveal that the content within the papers does not equal a high academic standard, even though people ordered PhD-level essays. We also noticed this fact and we are completely disappointed with the quality offered.


The price represents a crucial factor when it comes to buying services online. Competition is tough, so people can choose the service that they like regarding quality and pricing. Unfortunately, Papers Forge charges some exorbitant prices. For example, some of the papers start at $6 per 100 words of content. This means that for a 1,000 words essay you need to pay $60, plus the fees for editing and proofreading. Therefore, the total cost can go as up as $100 per completed short essay.

They also or do not have an online price calculator. For students, it is extremely important to know beforehand how much their paper will cost. Students have a limited budget, and they cannot afford to pay several hundred for 2 or 3 pages of essay writing, plus other fees. All major writing companies put at the disposal of students free price calculators which allow them to estimate the final cost.


Top reputable writing services have very rich Discount sections. Here, you will not find anything like that. We carefully browsed through the entire site to check for discounts and the best deals. They do not offer a welcome or first order discount, and they do not have a loyalty discount program. What they offer is a 10% off if you use a certain code they enlist on the site. The problem is that the offer is written in very small letters and quite hidden, so not all students will observe it and use it to get their discount. There is no other discount available, or any seasonal deal that would help cut the final cost of your papers.

Helpful Extras

We searched with utmost care to find a few positive points for this writing service. We found that they have a very well-put-together and highly informational FAQ section. This is where you can quickly find out that the service is 100% confidential, so they will not release your personal details to any third party. This is a good point, but all the other answers are not true- such as promising to keep up with deadlines, or the guarantee of offering top-quality content.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for high-quality papers for college or university, you should not use Papers Forge. They do not rise to the standards you are looking for, and their prices are very high. Even though you can contact the experts through the chat option, you will not get a response too fast. You cannot find anything about the true background of the writers and this is a huge downside. All students should know who writes their papers and who does the editing or proofreading on those papers.


  1. joey Reply

    I am dissatisfied with their services because they provide plagiarised articles and even don’t give the crucial proofreading service I noticed on their website. I would not suggest this to anyone.

  2. Laurence Reply

    I discovered that their offerings were poorly formatted and unclear. They don’t offer verifiable information about the writer, and they also take their time responding to your inquiry. I’m disappointed by these things.

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