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*Update 2022: There was a lot of space for improvement when we first reviewed BritishEssayWriters. By this moment, nothing has changed. We keep receiving alarming reviews from students who used this service. Some of them never got their papers, but their money was gone. The grammar is still bad, and the style is not even close to British English.

We recommend reading review and an review. Those two services turned out much better. 

FAQ about

  • Is BritishEssayWriters reliable?

Did you see the huge SCAM alert in our review about this service? We ordered a paper here, and the writer delivered it two days later than expected. That wasn’t the biggest issue; there were silly grammar issues in the content.

  • Is BritishEssayWriters a scam service?

When someone delivers a paper without proper grammar after they claimed to provide professional writing assistance, we’d say it’s a scam. BritishEssayWriters say they only hire British Writers, but that’s not the case.

  • Can you get a refund from BritishEssayWriters?

It’s possible, only if you contact your bank and explain that you were charged for a service you didn’t get. However, you should be aware of the fact that BritishEssayWriters protects itself with terms and conditions. It’s very difficult to get your money back.

Detailed Review

Offering up to 30% summer discounts, this company seems like the perfect choice for academic papers. However, after evaluating their services, prices, discounts, and helpful extras, as well as testing the company by ordering a paper, we concluded that this is far from a flawless service.

For starters, the paper we received from them was of average quality, even though we chose the highest quality standard option. The writer met our deadline but failed to meet our requirements. In addition to this, we found several mistakes that led us to believe the writers in this company are not all native English.
Other than this, the paper was written in a high academic standard and contained no plagiarism. All sources were properly cited and the paper was formatted.


The list of services at is a bit limited. It consists of essays, coursework, assignments, dissertations, theses, research proposals, literature reviews, case studies, reports, and PowerPoint presentations. If your paper is not on this list, you would have to look for assistance elsewhere.

Even though their services include more specific, less commonly assigned assignments such as PowerPoint presentations, it does not include some of the most popular papers such as book reviews, movie reviews, and even term papers and research papers! This makes for a poor list of writing services, which is bad news for those who seek a regular content provider.

There’s an option others in the order form. That leaves space for some flexibility. But when your type of paper is not listed, you can assume they don’t have qualified writers to cover it. At the moment of updating this review, the company offers these categories of services:

  • Essay (usual essays and admission essays);
  • Assignment Writing Services;
  • Coursework Writing Services.


For the sake of writing a relevant BritishEssayWriters review, we ordered an essay here. We opted for First-Class Standard. Since it was a 2-page essay, we set a short deadline of 3-5 days.

The longest deadline is 6 days and above. When will you get the paper if you set this deadline? You never know. The writer may take 12 days and you can’t complain about late delivery.

Our writer delivered the content in 8 days, so that was not a good surprise. The essay was properly formatted and the sources were referenced. But there were silly grammar mistakes. The sentence structure was flawed. This is not how a native English speaker writes.


Prices at British Essay Writers are cheap, starting at £ 8.99 and ranging up to £ 27.99 per page. Being experts at reviewing, we do not let such prices trick us into ordering from the service. In most cases, cheap companies offer either low-quality papers or no papers whatsoever.

In our experience, the paper we got was of average quality and needed some serious improvement, as we feared.
In addition to this, the deadline options this company offers are very poor. You are given the choice between four deadline options only: 24 hours, 48 hours, 3-5 days and 6+ days. Everything you order with a longer deadline than 6 days will cost the same, which sounds a bit ridiculous.


As we said in the beginning, offers great seasonal discounts for your orders. The offers vary, but they usually go up to 30%. You get better summer discounts, which is kind of useless because… who orders papers during summer? Anyway, you should wait for the pop-up on the homepage, since that’s where they tell you what the discount is.

In addition to this, you will find that the company mentions no other discounts or offers on the website. If there’s no seasonal offer and you’re not sure if you can get a price reduction, you’ll have to sign up and contact their live chat representatives.

This is time-consuming and frustrating. Having to sign up and wait for customer service to provide you with information on the discount is completely unnecessary.

Seasonal discounts are great, but what if you’re a loyal customer and want to benefit as such? You won’t. There’s no loyalty discount program. With the results we got, we understand why that’s the case. No user would return here after getting below-average content.

Helpful Extras

The company offers no additional extras. All you will find on the website is their sample page, which is not regularly updated. offers a limited list of services and features a trendy website. Still, the paper we received was not of high quality and their discount policy is basically a scam.
The company did create great pricing for students, we give them that. But, perhaps they should focus a little on editing and proofreading their papers and hiring better writers, even if it means making the prices a bit higher.

When we saw the claims of the company hiring only British writers, we thought the quality would be the highlight of our British Essay Writers review. You’ll find clams about them holding post-graduate degrees from UK universities. You can’t check this for sure. From our personal experience, we feel like it’s a false claim.


  1. Freya Wardner Reply

    This UK company is a nightmare! Some time ago I needed essay urgently and they were late for three days. Moreover, my paper was full or grammar errors.

  2. Elly Reply

    I ordered an essay from BritishEssayWriters and was really disappointed with their service. I needed my essay urgently and I chose 24 hours deadline. The paper was late, and when I opened it, it was full of rough grammar errors.

  3. Abby Harrell Reply

    The BritishEssayWriters is a scam service! I paid $100 for an essay paper and have not got anything from them. Keep away from this company!

  4. Jack Reply

    As per my negative experience, I wouldn’t suggest this website. They use inexperienced writers that produce essays with several grammar errors on low-quality paper, and they don’t even respond to your issues. Avoid it.

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