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Essay Writing Lab has styled its brand on selling custom writing services. They write pieces to order rather than writing essays to be sold at later dates. The team is made up of degree-holding graduates and there are a few ex-professors in the mix. They do write pieces for the academic community, but most of their customers are struggling students or students who are trying to double-down on one subject while coasting on another.

The great thing about is the fact that they make ordering easy and super confidential. There is no point in paying money to a company when your professor can go online and submit a request for your information. is a confidential and anonymous service, which means you can file and win a lawsuit for your college fees back if they release any information showing you ordered from them or even contacted them. Their privacy protocols are wrapped as tight as the plastic around a Pepperami.

As for the quality, the work is both well-written and correct. The writers obviously understand the concepts behind the subjects. The writers are not simply rewriting passages from textbooks. Plus, their writing has all the marks of a piece of academic text; they don’t hire bloggers to write your papers.

As for negative points, their web master needs to re-examine his or her customer expectations. Who on earth is going to believe the testimonials they have added to their website. Everybody knows that they have full control over the content on their own website. Let’s see all the negative testimonials that they didn’t post on their website. Plus, what sort of chump would knowingly use an anonymous service and then plaster their face all over the website giving testimonials? Are they the happy-smiling faces of the dumb-dumbs that were expelled for being poster-children of the essay writing industry? What if these people became doctors after graduation? Would you want to see your doctor’s face on one of these sites?


The office building has three primary departments. There is the editing and proofreading department that also holds the accounting department. There is the essay writing and custom-paper writing department, and there is the dissertation room. The dissertation room does a lot of work adding to people’s dissertations, editing and proofreading people’s dissertations. There are also occasions where they are asked to write full dissertations. The essay-writing department writes:

  • Term paper writing
  • Essay writing
  • Assignment help
  • Lab reports
  • Research papers
  • Coursework


The prices you pay are going to vary depending on the deadline you pick, the quality of the work you pick, your essay type, and the number of pages you pick. For example, if you opt for a lower standard because your professor may become suspicious if you turn in a 1:1 level piece, then it will cost more than if you opt for a top-scoring paper.

To give you a rough idea of how much you will be paying, if you pick a page of content at 275 words, if you pick a 10-day deadline, and you pick their lowest quality standard, then you are looking at about £12.68 per page. If you want a piece of top-quality work and you want the page in six hours, then you can call a vicar and ask for a miracle, or you can pay £34.54 per page.


The easiest discount code to find is the one they have on their home page. You can enter the code “lab15″ and get 15% off your first order. They also have volume discounts that take effect at 15 pages, 51 pages and 101 pages. The discounts are 5%, 10% and 15% respectively.

Helpful Extras

They have VIP support, VIP services, fulfilled by top writer services and proofreading by an editor services. Don’t bother applying for any of them unless you have money to burn because we didn’t notice much of a difference when we ordered. Pay with Skrill to help maintain your anonymity to the max, and badger them about accepting Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency or another one of the truly anonymous cryptocurrencies. Or, you could simply make the order in your little brother’s name and with his name so that you are covered every which way.

Overall, the company is pretty good. With the exception of their overpriced add-on services, we couldn’t find much wrong with the company.