Review (Updated)

2.5 / 10 points

Our experience with this company has been mostly negative. Despite their protestations on their website, they are not based in an Anglo-Saxon country, they are based in northern Pakistan, which means their claims about using Native English writers are as false as the premise itself since there is no such thing as a native English writer. What they mean, is that their writers have English as their first language, though given the location of their head office, this is highly unlikely.

We sent them a total of seven projects and they did a not very good job on all seven of them. But they hit the deadlines and were good enough to format the work for us.

We found some of their refunds policies to be a little ticklish. For example, they consider a full refund to be 90% of the original price, and they claim it takes 10-15 days to process the refund, but forget to mention that they will push you to have revisions done first. They will even push for them after you have told them that you have missed your essay deadline and that you cannot use the work anymore.


This doesn’t seem to be a website that was written by a person that has English as a first language. The reason we believe this is because the website seems to have many mixed messages. One of them is the services they claim to conduct under their services link. What we got from it was this list:

  • Buy Assignment
  • Do My Assignment
  • Management Assignment
  • Nursing Assignment
  • Finance Assignment
  • Law Assignment
  • Marketing Assignment

Apparently, they believe that Buy assignment and Do my assignment are services, which is quite plausible, but it is a weird way to phrase it. Nevertheless, from what we can gather, those are the services that this company provides.


We did our research into their prices before we made our order, but could only find them in Great British pounds. Still, the prices below will give you an idea of how much they charge per page.

Want your work within 10 days, and the standard price is £8.44 per page. The premium price is £9.74 per page. If you need it sooner, such as in 24 hours, then it costs £16.24 per page for the standard quality and £17.54 per page for the premium quality. You can find these prices on their website.


With this writing company, you may get a 15% discount with the code Begin15. They do not make it clear, but it appears to be a starter discount. You may not be able to get the discount again, but then you could always sign up for a new account with a new email address and use the same code again. They do not appear to have any other discounts.

Helpful Extras

The website has a live chat function that allows you to speak with their customer service department. They also give you a phone number that you can call if you want to get in touch with their customer service department. The phone number is not such a big deal, as most have it, but we struggled to find extras with this company, so we thought we would mention the phone number.

They also claim that you will get a refund if their customer service department does not reply within 24 hours. They didn’t reply within that time, so we applied for a refund on one of the seven projects we sent them, but they claim that the automated ‘Thank you for contacting us’ email is counted as a response, so they would not give us any money back. Ironically, they didn’t reply to our question within 24 hours but replied after just 2 hours when our message asked for a refund.