EssayMills review
4.5 / 10 points is an online writing services company. Once you enter the main website, you will see plenty of information. However, they offer only general information and there is nothing special about this service. For example, many other top essay writing services UK advertise offering unique deals such as first-time discounts of 15% or even more. EssayMills does not stand out from the crowd. They advertise offering unique content, native English-speaking writers, all sorts of essays and other such phrases that would describe just about any other writing service.

The Essay Mills website looks good, but it takes some time for all the pages to load correctly, and this is an uncomfortable feature. Students need fast access to the services they want, so prepare for some waiting time on those pages.


In this review, we will disclose to you the main services offered. At a first glance, you will notice a wide range of services offered by this company. However, at a closer look, you will immediately notice that in fact they offer only 3 or 4 types of different services. This is an unbiased EssayMills review and this is why we will tell you the truth. The types of services they enlist on their website include Thesis writing, Write my Thesis, Write my college essay, Type my Essay UK, Term paper writing, Thesis help, research paper writer, PhD research paper, order essay, pay for essay or essay help.

Now, as you can easily note, Thesis writing and write my Thesis are one and the same type of service. What they are doing is creating only the illusion of offering plenty of services, when in fact there are only a few solutions available. Also, Essay Help and Essay Writer are enlisted as different services, but they are one and the same writing service (essay writing). You can easily understand from this Essay Mills review that this is a company that does not cover all types of writing services that students need.


Many reviews complain about the low quality of the papers offered by this service. We do not like to rely solely on reviews available online, so we have decided to test the company ourselves. We placed an order for two different types of essays: one in English Literature and one in American History. Besides relying on the online EssayMills reviews we also wanted to create our own honest opinion about the company. Hopefully, this would help you better understand the quality offered.

We received the essays a little late, so they did not respect the deadline appointed by us. Then, the essays contained some poor-quality phrases, nothing that someone with a higher degree would write in an academic paper. Therefore, we can clearly say that the essays are not completed by writers with higher academic degrees in Literature, History, Biology, and everything else they advertise. We can say that the Essay Mills reviews were right and that this service offers very low-quality papers.


On their website, they advertise affordable costs. At a closer look, we immediately noticed that they charge some very expensive prices for the quality offered. For example, for a 7 days deadline, the cost is £16 per page. This automatically means that for a 10-page essay you need to pay £160, plus other fees that they charge for editing and proofreading. In our opinion, students cannot afford to pay such expensive fees for poor-quality papers. Urgent deadline papers cost even more, but the quality is the same. Also, it does not make a difference the type of writing level you choose- master, PhD, or standard levels they are all the same low quality.


All top reputable writing services attract students by offering some great discounts. This is not the case at Essay Mills. They do not offer any attractive deals or discounts. Everywhere we looked on the website we could not see even a loyalty-based type of discount or the first-order discount of 10% or 15%. The company does not have a dedicated Discounts section just like all the other respectable writing services. Therefore, you will have to pay the full price that you see on the website for any type of paper that you order.

Helpful Extras

In order to balance things out a little, we can also appoint a few helpful extras regarding this company. For example, you can find on their website free samples that you can read. The quality of the samples is very good, even though the services they offer are poor. You can read these samples to get some inspiration for your own essay. Other than that, they also have 24/7 customer support which works quite well.

Final Thoughts

Summing it up, we do not recommend this service to anyone. Unfortunately, there are just too many negative points so you will end up paying a lot of money for a useless essay. Some of their essays may come out of medium quality, but that happens rarely as we noticed from customer reviews. They do not offer any discounts either, so you always have to pay an exaggerated price for an essay or a research paper that will be graded very low. After an in-depth review we can rate this company only 4.5 out of 10.